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Mango Flights to Bloemfontein


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Mango flights to Bloemfontein are only available from Cape Town. The only other airline flying to Bloemfontein is South African Airways.

Bloemfontein serves as something of an oasis. It lies right in the middle of the Free State, and indeed, the country. There are not many airlines, with the exception of Mango Flights To Bloemfontein. It’s the only major city for miles and miles around, and it’s the sixth largest city in South Africa. It also happens to be the location of our Judicial Capital, and lies conveniently on the N1 between Johannesburg and Cape Town, often functioning as a stop off to break the major highway journey between the two cities. But why drive when you’ve got cheap Mango flights to Bloemfontein, from all major airports in South Africa?


mango flights to Bloemfontein

Mango Flights to Bloemfontein


Despite being situated in an area of dry grassland, Bloemfontein lives up to its name, as it provides endless vistas of flowers. When you book cheap Mango flights to Bloemfontein at the right time of year, you get to experience the full majesty of these flowers in person. There are tree-lined streets and historical buildings scattered throughout the city centre as it welcomes visitors from all over South Africa on a daily basis.


Why It Pays to Fly Mango Airlines to Bloemfontein

Mango Flights To BloemfonteinWhen booking cheap Mango flights to Bloemfontein, you can look forward to a world-class in flight experience. Their modern aircraft coupled with their passionate and professional cabin crew and ground staff ensure you enjoy a stress-free, relaxed journey. Look forward to arriving at your destination on time as you sit back and catch up on some reading or last minute work.

There are countless cheap flights to Bloemfontein throughout the year and simply no need to pay more for your flights than necessary with world-class carriers like Mango around.

Mango Airlines are one of the few to offer cheap flights to Blomfontein. We have scanned thousands of flights to bring you some of the cheapest Mango Flights To Bloemfontein on offer from R929 depending on the time of year and availability.


Cheapest Mango Flights To Bloemfontein


Route Departure Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flights from Cape Town to Bloemfontein 19 Jul FlySafair R574
Flights from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein 4 Jul CemAir R599
Flights from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein 15 Jul FlySafair R1,154
Flights from East London to Bloemfontein 30 Jun Airlink R1,219
Flights from George to Bloemfontein 10 Jul CemAir R1,719
Flights from Kimberley to Bloemfontein 15 Jul Airlink R1,849
Flights from George to Bloemfontein 5 Aug Airlink R1,879
Flights from Durban to Bloemfontein 10 Aug Airlink R1,929
Flights from Durban to Bloemfontein 28 Jun South African Airways R1,969
Flights from Pietermaritzburg to Bloemfontein 2 Jul Airlink R2,044
Prices based on live searches up till 28 Jun 06:00 and are subject to change.


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Over the years, we’ve made cheap Mango flights to Bloemfontein an easily achievable notion for thousands of South Africans from all walks of life. We search through millions of domestic and international flights each year to provide our users with the best deals available on their flight routes.

Our team is always looking at new ways to make saving on domestic air travel even easier for our users.

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