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Through a commitment to excellence and innovation, Mango Airlines continues to raise the standards of excellence in the industry. There is no need for you to ever pay more for your flights between Johannesburg and Durban than you need to. Instead, you can look forward to affordable and comfortable flights that will get you to where you are going and back again, safely and on time.

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More and more people are able to connect with families and loved ones as leading airlines like Mango Airlines continue to push for affordability and accessibility in the industry. Now South Africans from all walks of life can afford to fly between Johannesburg an Durban, and any other major domestic destinations, thanks to affordable flights.

Aside from providing access to the low cost carrier industry to many passengers that were unable to benefit from it in the past, Mango Airlines is also further raising the standards of excellence in the industry. This industry leader is now providing fast WiFi in their flights, helping its passengers to stay connected with the world even while in the air.

Aside from this, you can also purchase delicious and fresh snacks and meals on board, as well as freshly prepared coffees and teas. This is just one more way that Mango Airlines is taking the lead in providing an excellent in flight experience for all their affordable domestic flights. You can also look forward to expanded legroom in all Mango Airline flights, as the airline continues to drive innovation and passenger care and comfort in the industry.

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