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Still in business mode? Cheap FlySafair bookings make easing into the holidays easier

As a hardworking South African, you probably take your holidays pretty seriously and that’s okay. You know what they say…”work hard, play hard”, right? Now, with cheap FlySafair bookings, easing into holiday mode is easier even if you’re traveling for work during the...

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Book cheap Mango flights to check out the shipwrecks of the Cape!

The Cape of Good Hope is a worthy part of SA to visit. In fact, it was first aptly called “The Cape of Storms” by explorer, Bartholomeu Dias who experienced the stormy coast-line first-hand. Many ships and their captains perished along the stormy coast of the Cape,...

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Work and Play by the Seaside – The Best Working Coffee Spots in Durban

Just your luck, you’re about to board your Mango flights to Durban and your boss has come up with a last-minute emergency. Don’t delay your holiday because of last-minute work dramas. There are plenty of places to complete your tasks once you arrive. Likewise, if...

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