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CemAir Launches Flights to Margate

Great news for business travellers and tourists is the launch of CemAir’s new route providing weekly flights from Margate, on Kwa-Zulu’s South Coast, to Cape Town, via Plettenberg Bay. Launching the new route on 15th March 2017, the airline will utilise its 19-seater...

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Kenya Airways Flight Specials

Only 12 days left! Grab this fantastic opportunity before it’s too late! Before you miss the deadline or before all seats are taken up with the ‘Pride of Africa’, none other than the fabulous Kenya Airways, one of Africa’s finest airlines that took ‘Africa’s Leading...

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Cheap Flights To Madrid, Spain

Basic Information Area Municipality : 604.3 km² (233.3 sq. mi) Area Codes : +34 91 Currency : Euro Population Municipality : 3,141,991 (2014) Official Language : Spanish with English widely understood Time Zones : CET (UTC+1) Summer (DST): CEST (UTC+2) Airport :...

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Cheap Flights To Maun

Basic Information Area Codes : +267 68 Currency : Botswana Pula Population : 55,784 (2011) National Language : Setswana with English being the official language. Time Zones : GMT+2 Airport : Maun International Airport (MUB) Maun International Airport is Botswana’s...

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Cheap Flights To Copenhagen

Basic Information Area Urban : 615.7 km² (237.7 sq. mi) Area Codes : (+45) 3 Currency : Euro Population Urban : 1,280,371 Official Language : Danish Time Zones : CET (UTC+1) Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2) Airport : Copenhagen Airport (CPH) To get from the airport to the...

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Cheap Flights To Beijing, China

Basic Information: Area Municipality : 16,411 km² (6,336 sq. mi) Area Codes : + 86 10 Currency : Yuan Renminbi (RMB/CNY) Population Municipality : 21,700,000 (2015) Official Language : Mandarin. Beijing dialect, Pekingese in urban Beijing. Time Zones : China Standard...

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Cheap Flights To Kuala Lampur

Basic Information Area Metro : 2,243,27 km² (866.13 sq. mi) Area Codes : (+60) 3 Currency : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Population Metro : 7,200,000 (2015) Official Language : Malaysian Time Zones : MST (UTC+8) Airport : Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) Kuala...

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Cheap Flights To Brussels, Belgium

Basic Information Area City : 161.38 km² (62.2 sq. mi) Area Codes : + 32 Currency : Euro Population City : 1,187,890 (2016) Official Language : French, Dutch (Flemish) and German Time Zones : CET (UTC+1) Summer CEST (UTC+2) Airport : Brussels Airport (BRU) BRU emerged...

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Cheap Flights To Athens, Greece

Basic Information Area Metro : 2,928.717 km² (1,130.784 sq. mi) Area Codes : 21 Currency : Euro Population Metro : 3,753,783 (2011) Official Language : Greek Time Zones : EET (UTC+2) Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Airport : Athens International Airport (ATH) Passengers...

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Cheap Flights To Cologne

Basic Information Area City : 405.15 km² (156.43 sq mi) Area Codes : 0221, 02203 (Porz) Currency : Euros (EUR) Population City (2015) : 1,060,582 Official Language : Traditionally Ripuarian, replaced by German Time Zone : CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Airport : Cologne Bonn...

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Cheap Flights To Asmara, Eritrea

Basic Information Area Capital : 45 km² (17 sq. mi) Area Code & Prefix : +291 1 Currency : Nakfa Population Capital : 804,000 (2015) Official Languages : Tigrinya, Arabic, Tigre, Afar, Saho, Bega, Bilen, Nara and Kunama with English and Italian understood. Time...

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Cape Town Accommodation

Cape Town’s emergence as a world class tourist destination means that it has a wealth of accommodation options for you to explore. No matter what you plan to do in this great South African city, you are sure to find the perfect place to stay while you are here. The...

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Cheap Flights To Casablanca

Basic Information Area City : 386 km² (149 sq. mi) Area Code & Prefix : (+258) 21-xx-xx-xx Currency : Moroccan Dirham Population City : 3,359,818 (2014) Official Language : Modern Standard Arabic, Amazigh (Berber) Time Zones : WET (UTC+0) / Summer (DST): WEST...

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Johannesburg Accommodation

Any trip you make to the wonderful city of Johannesburg is likely to be highly memorable for a number of reasons. However, by choosing the right type of accommodation you are more likely to get the kind of stay that you deserve. There are some points you will want to...

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