How To Use Flight Tracking – Flight Finder

Now you can do your very own flight tracking by making use of our latest release of software. The flight tracking software allows you to track departure and arrival times of all airlines both domestically and internationally. It is also possible to see whether flights are on schedule or delayed.

  • Quickly access domestic and international flight status by flight number or airport
  • Scan essential information like departure/arrival times
  • Check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight
  • Track flights worldwide
  • See which flights are arriving/departing from a particular airport

You will see ORIGIN and DESTINATION fields

Simply enter your airport by typing in the first 3 letters. So, as an example, ‘Dur’ for DURBAN and then ‘Joh’ or ‘Jnb’ for JOHANNESBURG. Then hit SEARCH. You will now be presented with all flights for those airports showing the AIRLINE, the FLIGHT NUMBER, STATUS and DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL times.

Should you wish to dig even deeper into a specific flight then simply click on the link.



You will now be able to see the DEPARTURE GATE together with much more flight specific data.

It is so simple to see whether or not your flight is delayed or on time. It is so simple to track your flight number in South Africa. This amazing new flight search will save frustration for those of us who hate sitting in the airport waiting for flights that are late. Tracking flights has never been easier.