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We have compiled an in-depth list and review of the top destinations both in South Africa and abroad. This should help you when travelling to each city with detailed information on popular places to visit and how to get around.


A Guide to Enjoying a Spectacular Trip to Cape Town

Source: The South African city of Cape Town is a legendary travel destination, due to its outstanding natural beauty, great food and other attractions. If you have never before visited this place then you...

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Cape Town Accommodation

Cape Town’s emergence as a world class tourist destination means that it has a wealth of accommodation options for you to explore. No matter what you plan to do in this great South African city, you are sure to find the perfect place to stay while you are here. The...

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Johannesburg Accommodation

Any trip you make to the wonderful city of Johannesburg is likely to be highly memorable for a number of reasons. However, by choosing the right type of accommodation you are more likely to get the kind of stay that you deserve. There are some points you will want to...

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Durban Accommodation

There are many excellent reasons for visiting the warm and friendly city of Durban. Among these it is clear that the wide range of quality accommodation choice in the city plays a big part in tempting visitors to fly in here. There is no doubt making a smart choice in...

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Cape Town Money & Costs

Working out a sensible budget for your trip to Cape Town is a smart move. While flights here from other parts of the country are very affordable, what else are you likely to need to spend money on while you are here? The following are some of the main costs that you...

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Johannesburg Money & Costs

The vibrant city of Johannesburg is the kind of destination where you can make your budget go further while having the time of your life. Setting a reasonable budget for you time here will help you to relax and truly enjoy Johannesburg. The following expenses are some...

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Durban Money & Costs

A fantastic trip to Durban is something that will linger long in the memory but how much will it cost you? The truth is that a trip to this thrilling city by the Indian Ocean doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. The following are some of the basic costs...

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Food and Drink in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city where amazing scenery and a fantastic atmosphere help visitors to feel right at home very quickly. Another factor that helps tourists to enjoy their stay is the tasty and highly varied food and drinks offering in this city. No matter what you like...

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Food and Drink in Durban

A trip to Durban is memorable for many different reasons. Among these is the amazing variety of food and drink waiting for you to try once you get here. There are some treats to be sampled in Durban. By choosing your food and drink wisely you can make this one of the...

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Food and Drink in Johannesburg

Getting something tasty to eat and a refreshing drink can be among the highlights of a trip to Johannesburg. The good news is that this vibrant and exciting South African city has some tremendous food and drink options waiting for you. Food and Drink in Johannesburg:...

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Sights to See in Johannesburg

The exciting city of Johannesburg offers visitors a big variety of attractions and interesting sights to see and do. No matter how long you plan to be here, there are a few top sights that you should definitely consider visiting when flying to Johannesburg....

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Sights to See in Durban

Warm and interesting Durban makes for a very special kind of travel destination in South Africa. The list of great things to do when you fly in to Durban is long and varied enough to keep just about anyone happy. Durban North Beach For many visitors to Durban from...

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Sights to See in Cape Town

The lovely city of Cape Town charms visitors with its fantastic climate and range of interesting things to do. If you are planning to fly in to Cape Town then there are many amazing things to do that will guarantee you an unforgettable stay here. Cape Town Table...

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Getting to Johannesburg

One of the reasons why Johannesburg is such a popular destination is that it is incredibly easy to get to. For many people the simplest way to get here is by flying in to the big, welcoming O.R. Tambo International Airport. This is the busiest airport in all of Africa...

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Getting to Durban

The attractive city of Durban is the second biggest in South Africa and it has good air connections to the rest of the country. King Shaka Airport is a wonderful new airport that offers a warm welcome to visitors to this lovely city. Road access to the city is from...

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Johannesburg: Best Time to Go

Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and a hugely attractive destination for national and internationals visitors. The best time to see this great city………

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Durban – Best Time to Go

The fantastic weather and long beaches make Durban the kind of ideal tourist destination that has been thrilling visitors for a long time.

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Cheap Flights to Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is one of three national capitals and the judicial capital of South Africa. Its situated centrally in the Transgariep Area in the heart of South Africa

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Best Time to Visit Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth (PE), well known as the friendly and the windy city, is also the fifth largest and second oldest city in the country, little wonder its major sea port was already operating back in the 1830s.

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