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Ethiopian Airlines originally named Ethiopian Air Lines was founded in 1945 and is owned by the government and the national flag carrier for Ethiopia. A Star Alliance member Ethiopian Airlines has 28 airline partners including South African Airways and 38 superb hotel partnerships including other partnerships. Ethiopian Airlines touches down at over 80 international destinations including Cape Town that commenced from 30th June 2015.


Cheapest Ethiopian Airlines One-Way Flights


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Cheapest Ethiopian Airlines Return Flights


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Ethiopian Airlines Fleet


Ethiopian Airlines’ has a total fleet of 76 aircraft with 43 on order. The current fleet comprises 49 numerous Boeing, 17 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and a cargo fleet of eight Boeing and two McDonnell Douglas MD-11F aircraft. Passengers have a choice of two classes, namely Cloud Nine (Business) and Economy. In Cloud Nine class on routes with Boeing 777-200LR passengers are provided with sleeper seating while Economy Class passengers are comfortable in reclining seats.


Check-In – Online


Online check-in is available 48 hours to two hours before departure for international flights while for domestic flights passengers have 24 to two hours prior to departure to check-in, choose their seat and print their boarding pass. Passengers with luggage who have checked-in online should be at the online check-in counter 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights and for domestic flights 45 minutes before departure. Online check-in is not allowed for passengers requiring special services or unaccompanied minors.


Check-In – Airport


Passengers can check-in from three hours to one hour before flight departure. There are separate counters for passengers travelling in Cloud Nine Class and frequent flyers with Gold/Silver ShebaMiles cards and once they’ve checked-in, receive their invitation card for access into the Cloud Nine Lounge.


Check-In – Kiosk


This is another time saver for passengers to check-in, choose an available seat and print their boarding pass.


Baggage – Cabin


Cloud Nine passengers may take for free two pieces not weighing more than 8kg and not exceeding 20x40x55cm while Economy Class affords passengers one piece weighing no more than 7kgs and not exceeding 23x40x55cm. Cabin baggage must fit into the overhead compartment or rack or underneath the seat of the passenger. Star Alliance Gold passengers travelling in Cloud Nine Class are permitted two pieces up to a weight of 8kg each with dimensions not exceeding 23x40x55cm. In addition passengers may carry a handbag or pocket book, a laptop, a blanket, wrap or overcoat, reading material, a small camera or pair of binoculars, food during flight for an infant and an infants carry basket, provided the weight of these items is no more than 5kg. In addition to the 5kg, passengers may take a fully collapsible wheel chair and/or other prosthetic devices that the passenger is reliant upon.


Baggage – Checked


Ethiopian Airlines tickets are inclusive of a certain amount of baggage in the hold and this allowance differs between destinations and class of travel. The maximum weight for Cloud Nine travellers per single item of checked baggage is 32kg and for Economy Class 23kg for all flights across the Atlantic. Travellers are advised to utilise the Baggage Allowance Calculator to see precisely how much luggage they’re permitted and avoid any hefty fines for excess baggage.




The piece system allows infants not occupying a seat that are paying 10% of the relevant fee to carry one piece weighing no more than 23kg and not exceeding 115cm plus one collapsible pushchair that may be transported in the cabin provided there is sufficient space available. The weight system affords infants 10kg of free baggage plus a collapsible stroller.


In-Flight – Meals


On all flights passengers are served suitable light snacks to full course meals with a good selection of wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with healthy meals specially created for younger passengers.




Cloud Nine passengers have a variety of reading material, a selection of audio and video entertainment from 85 channels via 15.4” IFE screens while Economy Class guests travelling with Boeing 777-200LR have a choice of videos and audio from 80 channels on 8.9” screens.




Ethiopian Airlines in-flight magazine Selamta features a variety of short and comprehensive articles covering culture, business and travel.


Unaccompanied Minors/Special Needs/Pets


>Ethiopian Airlines caters for unaccompanied minors aged five to 11 years with an escort and paying the adult fee. Minors aged 12 to 17 years may travel alone or make use of the service. Minors under the age of five years are not permitted to travel alone. Check online for detailed information on escort charges for specific routes.

Pregnant women that are 32 weeks in term must provide a certificate from a doctor and complete the necessary Form PS-05-29A that can be downloaded and must be issued within seven days before departure. Passengers requiring special needs should make their request known when making their reservation and those booking online should complete their request under the passenger information section. If a passenger requires in-flight oxygen the airline should be made aware within 72 hours while other requests must be confirmed with 48 hours to departure. Service dogs are permitted to travel for free with their owners but must be securely harnessed and muzzled provided arrangements are confirmed in advance. The airline transports cats and dogs in containers and on all Q-400 aircraft, accepts pets in the cabin. Advance arrangements need to be made and must meet all necessary requirements.


Contact Info


Cape Town:
Telephone: 080 0984 023 or +27 (0) 21 819 7028
Telephone     : 011 289 8077 or 011 390 3819
Email              : [email protected]
Website          :