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What comes after the sand and surf in Durban?

When you book cheap domestic flights to Durban and sit down to think about your trip, you first thoughts are probably of sand and surf and no-one would blame you. Durban is an exceptional beach destination and enjoys a somewhat tropical climate all year round. Both...

How are flight fare increases determined?

How are flight fare increases determined? Do you ever feel as if trying to find the best airfare to suit your budget feels like playing the stock market? Where one day, for example, you find the cheapest domestic flights in South Africa to suit your pocket, and the...

A Guide to Enjoying a Spectacular Trip to Cape Town

Source: The South African city of Cape Town is a legendary travel destination, due to its outstanding natural beauty, great food and other attractions. If you have never before visited this place then you...

Food and Drink in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city where amazing scenery and a fantastic atmosphere help visitors to feel right at home very quickly. Another factor that helps tourists to enjoy their stay is the tasty and highly varied food and drinks offering in this city. No matter what you like...

Food and Drink in Durban

A trip to Durban is memorable for many different reasons. Among these is the amazing variety of food and drink waiting for you to try once you get here. There are some treats to be sampled in Durban. By choosing your food and drink wisely you can make this one of the...

Food and Drink in Johannesburg

Getting something tasty to eat and a refreshing drink can be among the highlights of a trip to Johannesburg. The good news is that this vibrant and exciting South African city has some tremendous food and drink options waiting for you. Food and Drink in Johannesburg:...

2 Girls , 15 Days in 1 City

Every good story starts somewhere but this story started as an online friendship which has resulted in two Lifestyle Bloggers from two different parts of South Africa.

Johannesburg: Best Time to Go

Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and a hugely attractive destination for national and internationals visitors. The best time to see this great city………

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