Technology makes travel so much easier. You can book cheap Domestic Flights South Africa and even international flights online, find your way with GPS gadgets and track your lost luggage at the swipe of a screen. It seems there’s an app for your every travel need.

Here are some innovations that savvy travellers can’t do without on their world travels.

The Basics

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Without the relevant chargers and adapters, you may as well leave all your tech at home. Be sure to check that everything complies with the electrical outlets at your destination and don’t forget extra memory cards whatever you do.

Head Phones

If you want to catch some Z’s in transit, a set of noise-cancelling headphones is a must. Likewise, if your heart beats to the thump of your tunes, then investing in a set of personal headphones is a courtesy you must afford to your fellow travellers. Try top of the range Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, Beats Studio3 or the ever so slightly more affordable JBL Everest Elite if you really want peace.

A Tablet

Your phone is most likely as smart as can be when it comes to taking photographs and updating your statuses, but it’s not much use for writing home or typing your latest blog instalment. The ever popular iPad is always a winner in this category but nowadays, there are teeny lightweight tablets available that can slide into the slimmest backpack. These come with slender keypads attached so you aren’t restricted to one-finger typing during your travels.

The Latest Fitbit

How on earth are you going to brag online about how many kilometres you’ve explored without a Fitbit? The newer models come with inbuilt apps for weather forecasts, timers and video.

There are even ways to book an Uber and receive flight status updates with a Fitbit these days, and the best ones have a 4-day battery-life to boot. Roll over Apple watch, the competition has arrived.

Stay Up to Date with Your Shows

There’s no need to put off booking your cheap flights with because you’ll miss your favourite show. Amazon’s Fire TV stick is taking the world by storm.

Simply plug it into any HDTV and you’ll have instant access to all your accounts on HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and more, just like at home. The best part is that its voice-enabled, so you can just say the word and catch up with your weekly viewing.

Wi-Fi on the Go

No matter how many gadgets you’ve got, you’re on your own without the internet. If you are planning to take tech along with you on your holiday, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot should be the first thing you pack – there’s no counting on free Wi-Fi in faraway lands.

These chargeable gadgets can pick up a signal like a bloodhound picks up a trail and have you back online quick as a flash. They’re perfect for updating your social media on the go or as a back-up when the local coffee shop lets you down. You only need one of these between 5 friends and they’re tiny too, which makes them perfect for your travels.

VR Camera

These devices are a real luxury, but if you’ve got the space (and the budget) it’s worth sneaking one into your pocket. With a virtual reality camera, you can capture 180-degree panoramas of your holiday memories, save them or share them in real time to include friends and family in your adventures.

Sneak a Speaker

If you can’t live without a Bluetooth speaker but you’re stressed for space on a camping trip, we’ve got good news for you. Now you can purchase the Aquio Water Bottle with a waterproof speaker that doubles as a lid.

While this clever invention is a little taller than your average beverage cooler, it still fits snugly in the water bottle pouch of a backpack.

Solar Light

The age of solar is upon us which means you can light up your life without electricity during your overnight camping trips. Slim and light, solar lights can emit up to 150 lumens for 50 hours straight.

They’re designed to take the place of a torch although they’re a lot less cumbersome, eco-friendly and can be propped up as a nightlight too. All you need is 14-hours of direct sunlight or 2 to three hours plugged into an outlet to fully charge it.

We Have the Technology

The amount of technology you want to take along with you depends on how far away you really want to get from it all. Yet there’s no reason to go without life’s little conveniences if you don’t want to. Besides lights, GPS devices and smartphones can come in really handy in an emergency.

Tech is also a good way to convince city slicker friends to get off the couch and join you off the beaten track, so start planning your next break now with cheap domestic flights in South Africa.