Want to book flights with British Airways? There’s an app for that!

We live in a time where “there’s an app for that” is an appropriately coined term. There seems to be an app for everything, and that includes traveling!

Leading international airlines such as British Airways already have their own apps in place to provide convenience to their passengers, but it’s not only the airline-owned apps that are making travel a great deal easier, more affordable and convenient these days.

While there are many apps that will help you to book your holiday, much like our own website and app, there should be a lot more focus on apps that actually complement your travel arrangements. Think maps, travel tips, insider scoops, coupons, discounts…the list goes on.

Travelling Apps

With this in mind, the Domestic Flights South Africa team took a closer look at the most popular travel apps currently available. We found that there are a multitude of travel apps to choose from and you can find them all flooding your chosen app store such as the Google Play Store, App Store or similar. And the good news is that most of them are free!
The app that you choose to use can really make all the difference to your travel experience. After all, if your chosen app fails you when you need it most, your entire trip can be negatively impacted.

Top Travel Apps Available to Modern Passengers & Explorers

Below is a list of apps that help travellers to travel safer and more conveniently. Whether you are flying with British Airways or any of the other top airline brands in the industry,these apps can help you along the way. Let’s take a look!

Here will get you there whether you are offline or online. This particular app is designed to provide GPS co-ordinates and directions to travellers in any country in the world. The map itself is quite detailed in offline mode and can be made even more detailed by turning the mode to online. Nokia, the company responsible for providing map data to leading map providers, created this app. It supports voice navigation as well as info on routes, traffic and can even provide you with the expected cost of bus and subway prices which is quite handy when in a foreign country.

Google Translate
Ever been in a foreign country and struggled with communication? That can really put a dampener on a trip! With Google Translate you can kiss your communication problems goodbye! What’s great is that the app works on Android and Apple devices. While the app can be used to translate what you say in text format, it can also be used to decipher signage in a foreign language. It’s as simple as point and shoot with your camera. The app can translate 103 languages. A further 59 languages can also be downloaded.

Wi-Fi Map
Data isn’t cheap wherever you go and it can rack up your travel costs if you have to turn on your personal data while in a foreign country. Don’t worry though, Wi-Fi Map is an app that can solve this problem by showing you a virtual map of all the freely available Wi-Fi networks near you. With over 100 million Wi-Fi networks globally saved to the app library, you are bound to find Wi-Fi access wherever you go.

Don’t quite know what to pack for your upcoming trip to a new destination? Packpoint has your back! This app requests users to enter their destination, length of travel, dates of travel and voila! A packing list is compiled for you. It’s not an essential app, but it certainly makes things easier.

This is another maps app, just not as detailed and advanced as Google’s. The app works offline which means that you must download the maps you want so that your phone’s GPS can use the maps while you are without Wi-Fi or internet access. The app provides useful street maps and while it wasn’t too well supported back in the day, it has grown to become one of the most supported travel map apps used in the world.

You might set off on your adventure alone but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every minute on your own! Tinder is a great app to help people meet anywhere in the world. Want to take someone new along on an adventure while in a foreign country? Want to share a cup of coffee with an interesting stranger? Download the Tinder app and find out who is near you, looking to do the very same.

Ready to Book Your Trip? We’ve Got an App for That!

If you are ready to book your flight with British Airways or any of the other leading airlines, we recommend that you make use of our very own app! You can search, book and securely pay for your flights quickly, easily and cost-effectively too with Domestic Flights South Africa today.