Cape Town knows its A, B, C…

When you book cheap domestic flights to Cape Town it’s great to know that there is so much going on and so much to see and do. In fact, Cape Town offers a little bit of something for everyone! Here’s a look at the A, B, Cs of the Mother City:

Things to do when you book cheap flights to Cape Town

A for Atlantic
The Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean in Cape Town. This meeting makes for some phenomenal sighting of dolphins, great white sharks, jelly fish, orcas and more. In fact, it’s a diver’s paradise so pack your snorkel and flippers and go wild.

B for Beaches
You will be glad you made the effort to search for cheap flights to Cape Town when you catch a glimpse of some of the beaches in the area! Cape Town is somewhat famous for its beaches where travellers are welcome to soak up the sun and catch some waves. Some popular beaches include Clifton, Boulders, Camps Bay, Grotto Beach.

C for Cape Point
This is a sight to behold. Spectacularly located within the southern section of the Table Mountain National Park, it’s a must-see with its towering cliffs, breathtaking beaches, bays, fynbos and rolling hills.

D for Dassies
Also called “rock rabbits”, Dassies are a found in rocky areas such as Cape Point and Table Mountain. They are cute, furry, social animals that live in large groups, but can be shy if you approach. Definitely worth a photo or two.

E for Eating
Cape Town is a food lover’s paradise with a plethora of award-winning restaurants, bars and eateries. The locals always have their firm favourites that never seem to fade, and most of Cape Town’s busiest streets lure visitors in with delectable smells and sumptuous meals. From budget burgers to fine dining, eating out in Cape Town is an adventure in itself.

F for Fynbos
The flora in Cape Town is quite unique. In fact, there are three times more plant species here than in the Amazon! 70% of the plants found in the Cape can’t be found anywhere else in the world, so you would be missing out if you didn’t take some time to admire Cape Town’s fynbos.

G is for Gardens
Cape Town boasts incredible public gardens. You must check out the many parks as well as Kirstenbosch Gardens and the Company’s Garden. Prepare to see rolling lawns and numerous plants and shrubs that are beautiful and thriving.

H is for Hiking
No visit is complete without a hike up Table Mountain or Lion’s Head. In fact, there are many places to enjoy a hike in Cape Town. Difficulty levels vary from easy to extremely hard. Choose one that suits your fitness levels and work up a sweat admiring some of the most gorgeous views and sights in the world.

I for Iziko Museums
Cape Town has the “Museum Mile” which is a collection of museums in the city. Some of these include the South African Museum, Planetarium, South African National Gallery, Castle of Good Hope, Groot Constantia, Slave Lodge, and the Iziko Michaelis Collection.

J for Jelly Fish
Around the Peninsula you will find a myriad of jelly fish, all vying for your attention. The best places to get a close look include the Two Oceans Aquarium, where they are clearly on display.

K for Khoi San
The Khoi and San are some of the first known inhabitants of Cape Town. Now there is an organisation that protects and explores the history of these people. The organisation known as !Khwa ttu is committed to training young San men and women in the area.

L for Live Music
Music quite simply is the scene in Cape Town and you won’t find the city lacking in terms of live shows. In summer, Kirstenbosch hosts a variety of Sunday night live music festivals. There’s live music venues all over the city, you won’t struggle to find them.

M for Market Culture
There seems to be a market for everything in Cape Town. Whether you’re an avid antique collector, foodie, fashion enthusiast or magpie, you will find a market for you in Cape Town.

N is Nightlife
The night scene in Cape Town is one big vibe. If you can’t find somewhere to party the night away, you’re doing it wrong! There’s everything from dance clubs to buzzing bars at street level or magnificent rooftop venues and if you are looking for something a bit more laid back, you will find it with little effort. For a true taste of the Mother City’s night life, spend an evening on Long Street.

O for the Outdoors
Cape Town has it all, sea, mountains, forests, fields of flowers. There’s few places that have everything, but the Mother City does. Natural scenery abounds in Cape Town and you will surely want to spend every last minute outdoors.

P for Penguins
The Penguins that waddle the beaches at Boulders Beach are famous worldwide. The area is protected and there are great walkways that can be used to get a closer look at the penguins nesting and waddling their way around the surf and shrubbery.

Q for Quagga
You might be thinking that the Quagga Zebra is extinct, but is it? The Quagga Project is working to bring the Quagga back! In fact, they are making great progress. There are over 120 Quaggas located at 10 different breeding areas. You can see them for yourself while driving on the M3. They are usually above the Hospital Bend on the hill.

R for Robben Island
The prison that held Nelson Mandela for 18 years is somewhat famous. If you haven’t visited the island yet, you must! The island wasn’t always only a prison. It has also been host to a hospital, mental asylum, leper colony and a military base. It’s a large part of SA history and a must-see.

S for Street Art
Many talented artists have made Cape Town their home. Street artists are just as celebrated in Cape Town as other artists are and there are various places you can visit to admire the funky art of these incredibly talented people. If you want to go on a tour of street art, the Woodstock Street Art Tour is a great one.

T for Table Mountain
Table Mountain is a sight that cannot be missed. It’s a world-celebrated mountain with phenomenal views from the top. Take a cable car up or push yourself to your fitness levels with a hike up! Either way, the views will be breathtaking and you can enjoy a beverage and light meals at the top.

U for Unlimited Access
Nothing is worse than wanting to see the sights and being unable to for some reason. Cape Town makes access to places unlimited. This means that there are many wheel-chair friendly facilities available and the city makes sure that it does what it can to cater to all differently-abled people

V for Vino and Vineyards
Pity V is so far down the list as the vineyards are one of the city’s biggest draw cards. No one should leave Cape Town without spending some time sipping on some vino in a beautiful vineyard. There are many wine routes to choose from. The Cape Winelands await you!

W for Wildlife
In Cape Town, wildlife abounds. You don’t have to travel up country to have a safari experience. You can have one in Cape Town at any of the many reserves. Check out the Aquila Private Game Reserve or any of the SA National Parks for Big 5 sightings and some time to relax and unwind in nature.

X for Xhosa
Xhosa is widely spoken in Cape Town and as one of the 11 official languages of the country, it might be fun to learn a few words while you are in the city. Learn from the locals or do a crash course before you book your cheap domestic flights to Cape Town. Xhosa is the language of the people!

Y for YOLO
You only live once and if you are in Cape Town, once is enough. You won’t struggle to adopt the YOLO attitude in Cape Town with the friendly locals and the festive ambiance which seems to float around the city all year. Go on an adventure, take part in exhilarating activities… make the most of your stay in Cape Town!

Z is Zeitz Contemporary Art Museum
The heart of the Cape Town art scene can be found beating at the Zeitz Museum which opened at the end of 2017. With a whopping 9 floors of African art, you can expect to spend a lot of time here checking it all out. It is already celebrates as one of Cape Town’s top art galleries, and for good reason!

Have any of your own ideas to add to Cape Town’s A, B, C’s? Start thinking about it while you use our flight search feature to find the best and cheapest domestic flights to Cape Town today.