Durban is known to be spicy, hot, and diverse. It’s a warm city at any time of the year, which makes it a popular vacation destination. Couples, families, and single travellers all come here to enjoy the many sights and experiences that Durban has to offer.

There’s also lots to do in Durban on a budget, so it’s a great place for budget travellers. And since there’s so much to do in this gorgeous city at any time of the year, your vacation will be happily spent here, whenever you choose to visit.

But we’re all different, and a certain climate might suit you better than another. Keep reading to find out what the Durban weather forecast is generally like in each season. And what you can do if you’re there in summer, spring, autumn or winter.

The great news is that whichever season you choose to visit in, you’re sure to find cheap flights to Durban. So pack your bags and get ready for a warm, beachy vacation with delicious foods and impressive sights.

Durban Weather in Summer

Summers in Durban are generally hot and humid. Fortunately for those who don’t love the heat, it’s on the coast. So there is plenty of water to dive into when the sun becomes a little too much for you.

Durban beaches are beautiful and popular. It’s one of the country’s surf centres, because of the all-year-round beautiful climate. And the good waves, of course. So whether you’re wanting to swim, lounge around on the sand, or have a little adventure amongst the surf, this coast is perfect.

A great family-friendly attraction for summer holidaymakers is uShaka Marine World. It’s the largest aquarium in Africa, so it’s definitely a bucket-list item if you love wildlife.

Children and adults alike will love seeing what the underwater world is like. And when you’re getting warmer than you’d like, you can visit the slides and pools to cool off. Or simply grab an ice cream and keep exploring.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky with an event at the futuristic Moses Mabhida Stadium. The stadium, built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, is an impressive sight at any time of the year. But when there’s a concert or a game happening, it can be incredible. And since summer is the busiest time of year for Durban, it’s likely that many events will take place during your stay.

The summer months of December and January are the busiest months in Durban, like most of South Africa’s favourite destinations. The weather is hot and humid, but that doesn’t put off the holidaymakers that happily flock to this city’s shores.

Autumn Weather, KZN

The autumn months of March, April and May don’t look very different from the summer months. It’s still pretty hot, and it rains for about a third of the month. However, it is quieter, as most holidaymakers have headed home at this point.

So if you have the freedom to book your holiday during Autumn and you would like a calm vacation, these months are a great time to book. Also, since there are fewer people booking, you are likely to get great accommodation in Durban.

Durban, KZN Weather in Winter

Durban is particularly well suited for travellers who are wanting to venture out during the winter months of June, July and August. These are also Durban’s driest months, with only +-3 rainy days a month. So it’s a perfect time to do some exploring.

The rest of South Africa can have pretty serious winters. But not Durban. It doesn’t often dip below 20°C, even in the depths of winter. Which is pretty wonderful, considering that other South Africa destinations are very chilly or even covered in snow at that point.

Winter particularly suits the foods that Durban is famous for. Because of the mix of African and Indian influences, Durban boasts an eclectic food scene. Delicious butter chickens have a South African flair, and the samosas are to die for. Finish it up with a cool mango lassi, and you have a meal worth travelling for.

A wonderful attraction to enjoy in winter is the Durban Botanical Gardens. The cooler weather will allow you to amble along the paths comfortably. This is the oldest surviving botanical garden in Africa, so the plant life is very well established.

You can take your family and friends, along with a picnic basket, and spend the whole day relaxing here. And with the subtropical climate, it’s likely that you will never have seen some of the plants before. So you can learn while you appreciate the beautiful plants, if that’s the mood you’re in.

Spring Weather, Durban

The spring months are also a great time to head to this coastal city. They’re a little warmer than winter. But since even the winters in Durban are balmy, it’s not a huge difference.

Like autumn, you’ll find that Durban is quite a lot calmer during the spring months of September, October and November. Since there are fewer people, you might want to visit the exciting Suncoast Casino.

Or head to Golden Mile Beach and stroll down the promenade, ice cream in hand. You’ll have an impressive view of the sea and the city, coming together.

Last Words on This Durban Weather Forecast

Durban is a wonderful place to visit during any time of the year. It has something for everyone. Young or old, single travellers or huge families, everyone will find things to enjoy here.

But perhaps a certain season suits you best. Or you have a bucket list item that would be better ticked off in one month more than another. Or maybe you just absolutely love the hot African summers that Durban embodies.

Whatever it is that you’re wanting from your dream Durban vacation, you’re sure to walk away very happy. The city does not disappoint.