For decades, getting there has been half the cost when planning a holiday around South Africa. If the high fuel prices don’t hit you directly in the petrol tank, they’re bound to be reflected in exorbitant airfares.

Don’t let expensive transportation destroy your travel aspirations. There are ways and means to find the top cheap flights South Africa has to offer.

Here they are…

1. Think Ahead!

Planning always pays off. Airline tickets are structured according to a dynamic scale. This means prices are adjusted based on supply and demand. If sales are slow, prices come down. Likewise, a boom in ticket sales means increased fares.

There’s no way to predict this but there is one certainty when it comes to airline tickets – airlines always sell their cheapest tickets first. So, it figures that if you want guaranteed low prices, you should book at least three months in advance. You could save up to 14%!

2. Avoid the Rush

Based on the above, it’s easy to figure out that high demand times like school holidays attract more buyers and thus higher airfares.

If you don’t have children in school, or you can sneak them out of class for a few days, leave a few days before the rush and return later. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet at your destination before the crowds arrive too.

Alternatively, head off during August or February and you’ll have the whole place to yourself and pay less for your flights.

3. Choose Your Days Wisely

The same theory applies to weekends, which are also peak times. As far as possible, book your flights during the week.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to lift off.

4. Timing is Everything

Business travellers rarely travel in the evening or mid-morning, which means low demand for these flights during the week. The bonus is that when you fly during these quiet times, not only will you save on your ticket prices, you’ll also avoid rush hour traffic and congestion at the airport.

5. Stay Away from Big Events

Unless you have a vested interest in major events like the Two Oceans, Vodacom July or other top seasonal drawcards, avoid travelling to their host cities while the event is on.
Rather avoid the rush, and elevated airfares by traveling a few days before or after the big day.

6. Avoid Fuel Hikes

Trends in fuel hikes are pretty consistent throughout the year and can have a major effect on ticket prices. After all aeroplanes run on fuel. If you’re aware of a big increase in fuel prices coming up, be sure you book your flight tickets before the price goes up – or after it goes back down again.

7. Flexibility is Key

Airline specials are great, but they always come with restrictions. A little flexibility with regard to dates and times can save you a lot of money on your flights.
Keep an open mind.

8. Go Undercover

It’s true, Big Brother is watching you –  at least online, anyway. Internet search engines monitor your online behaviour to present you with helpful advertisements about things you are interested in.

Remember, those ads are paid for by marketers, – they might be the most relevant, but they’re not necessarily the cheapest flights South Africa has on offer.

Also, when you search online for flights, your queries imply demand, which in turn drives prices up. Rather switch to incognito mode in your browser when you’re looking for the best deals on flights. That way, nobody can track your searches.

9. Be Bold

Fortune favours the brave when it comes to getting the top cheap flights South Africa has available at the time you need to travel. If you see a ticket price that suits you – book it!

In the ever-changing domain of airline pricing you never know what could happen next. The same flight could be more expensive tomorrow, or later today. It could also be cheaper, but do you want to take the risk!

10. Compare Prices

By far the most effective way to get the cheapest airfares is to shop around. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for the same thing, no matter what you’re buying.Always consult our flight comparison engine when you’re planning your travels. It’s the easiest and best way to find great deals no matter when you need to get going.