Booking your flight with British Airways is a sure-fire way to get any trip off to a great start, but you’re in for a rough landing at these airports outside of South Africa.

Everyone has their fair share of tales from the dark side when it comes to travel experiences, but some airports consistently get attention for their low customer satisfaction. We took a look at some passenger reviews to find more about these ‘’no-fly’’ zones.

It’s time to name and shame the world’s worst airports (in no particular order):

Casablanca Mohammed V Airport – Morocco

Despite recent upgrades to its infrastructure, CMV still falls far short of customer expectations. To be fair this airport has received some positive feedback, but the word on TripAdvisor tells a different story.

The problems experienced by travellers include total disorganisation, too much focus on security, rude personnel, long wait times and lack of seating. There is also talk of stale muffins and warm milk served to customers as well as uncooperative store owners and malfunctioning credit card machines.

Ciampino Airport (CIA) Rome

CIA is described by travellers as ‘’reminiscent of a bygone age’’, and not in a good way.

There are tales of passengers being told to walk from their planes to the terminal, having to sit on the floor due to lack of seating and general chaos come departure time. The vending machines don’t work, and there’s no food for sale anywhere else. If you’re stuck there waiting between midnight and 4am for some reason, you’re out on the street. The airport is closed for these 4 hours every day.

Clearly, the availability of cheap flights these days means more people are able to travel internationally, and this outdated airport can’t cope with the added load.

Tegel Airport – Berlin

As you land at this international airport in Germany, don’t be surprised if your pilot wishes you ‘’good luck”. Customer reviews for this place are appalling. Many express the desire to never return, despite the many attractions of Berlin.

Some of the complaints include long check-in queues, understaffed counters, unfriendly staff and a lack of signage. Shock! Horror! The Wi-Fi doesn’t work either, firmly putting this airport in the bad books for international travellers eager to announce their arrival on social media.

Schönefeld Airport – Berlin

Chances are, if you manage to avoid Tegel, you’ll be flying into Shönefeld Airport which seems to be the lesser of the two evils.

The main complaints about this airport revolve around it being way too small for the job it’s expected to do. The staff are rude and can’t communicate in English, the queues are long, the ablutions are dirty, and the food and drink are overpriced.

Luton Airport – London

If you are flying into London on the national carrier, British Airways, you’d be better off heading to Heathrow. The queues at Luton are inexplicably long, there are inadequate toilet facilities for arrivals, and the baggage carousel spits out luggage on to the floor left right and centre.

If you’re departing from Luton, it seems to be all smooth sailing apart from having to pay for parking at a rate of 1-pound sterling per minute.

Charles de Gaulle Airport – Paris

It’s hard to believe that an airport servicing one of the world’s most loved cities gets such a bad rap. But there it is, numerous passenger reviews report paltry signage, rude unhelpful staff who refuse to speak English and poor design, which results in having to walk longer distances than necessary.

The passport control area seems to be perennially understaffed, causing passengers to miss their flights and endure unbearable stress. The elevators are another bugbear being small and out of order a lot of the time.

Don’t Stay Home

Don’t hang up your travel gear in frustration, there are plenty of local destinations to satisfy your wanderlust.

Fortunately, South Africa’s airports do not feature on any of these worst-of lists. On the contrary, the Airport’s Company of South Africa has over 50 accolades to their name.

  • Cape Town international has just been nominated Africa’s best Airport once again.
  • King Shaka airport has the distinction of being voted the Best Regional Airport in Africa for 2018.
  • OR Tambo was the recipient of Best Airport in Africa for 2016 and is in the running for the World Tourism Awards ‘World’s Leading Airport’ award for 2018.

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