If you are heading to South Africa to see the Big Five and explore the wonders of this top African destination, you are sure to find cheap flights online before you head in to the Kruger National Park.

Many travellers enter the Kruger Park through one of the Mpumalanga gates, with White River being one of the more popular starting points. While there is little doubt that the Kruger National Park is a wonder in itself, it would be a pity not to stop and explore what the surrounding area has to offer.

Few people that venture to Kruger National Park know what White River and the surrounding towns have to offer. Before you book your cheap flights in South Africa to Mpumalanga to explore the Park and see the Big Five, consider spending a little extra time soaking in the surrounding beauty.

White River is so much more than just an entry point to Kruger country. It is a beautiful destination with gushing waterfalls, scenic mountains, alluring valleys, and a plethora of wildlife.

What is there to do before you head into the Kruger National Park?

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to go through the gates of the Kruger National Park. Take some time to explore what lies beyond the expansive gates of the park. Here are just a few of the many things to do and see in the region:

The Reptile Route

When booking cheap flights,be sure to arrange your car rental pick up from whichever airport you are flying in to. If you are doing a self-drive safari, you are in the perfect position to check out the Reptile Route. It’s not a full-day route, but you won’t want to rush it – so take your time.

The route follows the winding Lowveld. Along the way, you can stop at Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park, Chimpanzee Eden, and the Dinosaur Park. Chimpanzee Eden is a large sanctuary nestled on a 1000-hectare game reserve where the resident chimps are all rescued after being misplaced from their habitat. It’s a great place for the kids to learn a little more about these fascinating creatures.

Wine tasting 

White River has never really been known as a wine connoisseur’s destination, but you can do a little wine tasting here. White River does wine-tasting a little differently, however. Here you can taste orange wine at the Rottcher Orange Winery on Casterbridge Farm. There is no denying that the drinks you will sample here are not just unique, but actually out of this world.

Go a little deeper – go underground

There is no cave-tour experience quite like the one at Sudwala Caves where you will see caves that were formed some 240 million years ago.

There are several tour options to choose from, with many travellers opting to simply head into the caves for an hour-long look around.

Those who visit at the right time of the month can book their spot on the 4-hour Crystal Tour, which sends visitors some 2000 meters into the belly of the cave. Although currently closed due to the drought which has left the cave dry and dusty, keep an eye on out on their website for this special tour. This epic adventure is not for the faint-hearted or claustrophobic as it will have you scrambling over rocks, wading through water and crawling through tunnels. There is nothing quite like it on earth!

Go (car) antiquing

You won’t have to drive far to see antique cars in White River. Wander over to the Antique Car Museum, which is hosted in a towering 3-level complex and spread across 2000 square meters of floor show-case space. Here you will find over 60 cars from 1911 onwards.

If you want to learn more about automobile history, this is the perfect place to do so. Antique car enthusiasts can expect to see a Swift and a Model T Ford, a Willys Overland, a 7-seater Packard Phaeton, a 1929 Austin Seven, a 1936 Jaguar SS100, various 1924 models, and many more antique models.  You can find the Antique Car Museum at the Casterbridge Centre.

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