Kulula Brings Comic Relief to the Skies with Running Man Challenge

What started out as a tongue-in-cheek challenge from FlySafair to other airlines in South Africa to deliver their #RunningManChallenge video has, predictably, escalated into a full out dance off war between South Africa’s top airlines. As we all know, it isn’t in the South African spirit to shy away from a challenge.

Kulula AirlinesEven though Kulula Airlines was a bit slow to respond, they eventually joined Mango Airlines, Airlink and FlySafair in delivering their #RunningManChallenge video. Responding to why they were last to deliver their video, Kulula Airlines said they had “saved the best for last…” Naturally! “We’ve been dancing for years, but dusted off our shoes to get in on the action…”

Better Late Than Never:

Kulula released their version a few days after Mango and Airlink submitted their #RunningManChallenge videos to great acclaim. The story behind the dance-off challenge emanates from a pair of American teens who filmed themselves as they delivered a synchronised dance to a specific song.

Mango Airlines took the challenge to the next level by involving local celebs in their video. They included CEO Nico Bezuidenhout as well as cameos by talent show judge and Afrikaans artist Bobby van Jaarsveld and 702’s Aki Anastasiou, as well as actress Zakeeya Patel.

Even though Kulula Airlines’ #RunningManChallenge video didn’t feature various locations and scene changes like Airlink and FlySafair’s videos, their team still took to the departure hall’s floor with gusto as they rocked out impressive moves to INOJ’s I Want To Be Your Lady.

Bringing South African Spirit to the Aviation Industry:

The various videos have been met with overwhelming positivity from commuters and air travellers, as well as the public in general. In a climate where many South Africans find it challenging themselves to find things to laugh at on social media, the #RunningManChallenge videos come as a welcome reprieve from the realities of the daily grind. It waits to be seen if any other industries in South Africa will take up the challenge and produce more laughs in a time when it much needed.

The #RunningManChallenge movement evolved and went viral with policemen, firemen, sports stars and companies around the world getting involved, and finally airlines took up the call as well. The various South African low cost carrier videos have racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube and other social media websites.