You can count on millennials to turn everything on its head. The latest out-of-the-box phenomenon to come with this generation is the buddy-moon. Yes, you read it right, ‘newly’ newly-weds are jetting off with their friends in tow to create unforgettable memories for the whole crew.

The reason behind this is the fact that people are getting married later in life. Chances are by the time they tie the knot; they’ve already had their fair share of intimate getaways for two. So, what better way to celebrate the matrimonial landmark than with a group holiday with their nearest and dearest.

Thanks to cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town and all the other major South African destinations, getting away from it all has never been more affordable either, so why not?

Here’s how and where to jump on the buddy-moon bandwagon

No Rules!

While you might stick with all the something-old traditions of a traditional wedding, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning your first holiday together.

Some couples opt for some alone time before the gang arrives. Others choose separate hotels in the same location and join up for exciting group activities. Since you’ll have your own honeymoon suite in your chosen resort, there’s no reason why you can’t all stay in one place if preferred.

The idea behind the buddy-moon is getting the maximum enjoyment out of your time away and there’s no better experience than one that’s shared with close friends. Here’s how it works?

Best Buddy-Moon Ideas

Chances are that your group of friends all have the same interests, so it should be easy enough to find a destination that suits everyone. You can either pick one and find out who wants to join you or make a group decision.

Cape Town is an excellent choice for a buddy moon because of the wide variety of options available in this top destination, and close proximity to varied and exhilarating activities.

Some of the best group activities in the Mother City include:

  • Safaris to nearby game reserves
  • Pampering treatments at plush day spas
  • Golf, hiking, mountain-biking and other outdoor pursuits
  • Wine tasting tours

If you’re a Cape Town local looking for something different, take advantage of the great Domestic Flights South Africa and head to Johannesburg which is a convenient and thrilling destination.

Johannesburg has its fair share of attractions like:

  • Unique landmarks and museums
  • Excellent art galleries and museums
  • Gold Reef City
  • Bungee jumping from Orlando Towers
  • Maboneng with its artistic attractions
  • Soweto

In KwaZulu-Natal you’ll find no shortage of scuba destinations, game reserves and seaside escapes to tickle your fancy. The Drakensberg has got to be one of the most action-filled destinations that also packs a powerful romantic punch.

Of course, if you want to safari-hearty (go all out with a team safari), Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Northwest Province are the places to be.

Here you can enjoy big game viewing with all the bells and whistles, take a hot air balloon safari, walk among the wild or take part in unique community initiatives.

In fact, giving back is one of the best ways to start off married life and getting involved with helping others creates strong bonds between spouses and friends alike.

With cheap prices available on domestic flights at the moment, why not try a little of everything on your holiday of a lifetime?

Buddy-Moon Basics

Perhaps the most important thing to remember if you do decide to take a buddy-moon is that you should still try to set aside time for yourselves as a couple. Try to participate in one activity on your own every day. It’s your honeymoon after all and you don’t want any feelings of resentment to set in.

It’s preferable to choose other married or committed couples for your jaunt too. Singles can put a spanner in the works where you’re going. You don’t want them to feel like the ‘third-wheel’ on a bicycle made for two during your getaway.

If you have that one friend that your partner just doesn’t get along with, you could either view this as a time for the two of them to bury the hatchet or ask them to join you for only a portion of the trip.

Make sure your fiancé is on board with the idea of a buddy-moon before you mention it to any of your friends, and allow everyone to have a say in planning activities and outings. Team travel can be fraught with clashes of opinion unless you go into it with an open mind.

Are You Ready to Start Planning?

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