Kulula Introduces New Seating Option for Its Taller Passengers

Kulula AirlinesKulula Airlines, one of South Africa’s leading low-cost carriers, has announced the launch of Stretch Zone seating. This new line of seating is available in addition to the airline’s standard seats, and they are available for pre-purchase. Passengers who make use of this option is set to enjoy more legroom and space, according to the airline.


Until recently, Kulula passengers only had the option of booking an Exit Row seat in order to accommodate their longer legs, and to secure a more comfortable flight. The legroom of the Stretch Zone seating is set to be increased by three to four inches per individual seat.


Greater Comfort At Great Prices


The airline said this innovation is just one more step towards achieving greater comfort for low-cost carrier passengers who still want to enjoy competitive ticket prices. The Stretch Zone seats are to be located in front of and behind the over-wing Emergency Exit Rows. It is just one more way that Kulula is ensuring it stays ahead of the pack, and retain its reputation as a forward thinking and innovative airline.


Customers who would like to purchase the Stretch Zone ticket and take up this greater comfort can do so when booking their tickets on Kulula.com. Aside from buying a seat with greater leg room, what else is there you can do to ensure you enjoy a comfortable flight? As many air travellers know, it can be difficult to enjoy a comfortable sleep in an economy seat.


There are a few positions you can take up in your seat to make the journey more comfortable. Here are only a few of the positions available to passengers in economy seats with limited legroom available.


  • Foetal Position: The petite certainly gets lucky when it comes to trying to get comfy at 38, 000 feet. Supple enough to comfortably curl up, legs and all, even in a cramped economy class seat, the Foetal Position is ideal for those who are unusually limber;
  • The Spooner: Flip the armrest back and with heads resting on shoulders, you and your loved one can use each other for support and maximise the space available in the seat.


Passengers of low-cost carriers in South Africa are increasingly placing greater value on leg room in economy class. People demand value for money and greater comfort during their trips, and the trend results in passengers gravitating towards airlines that cater for them.