The history of fuel efficient & environmentally friendly Kulula Fleet

You’re comfortably seated in your cheap Kulula flight waiting in anticipation for everyone to be seated and settled so the plane can finally take off. You’ve always loved flying and for you, the most enjoyable parts of the flight are taking off and landing, but especially taking off. You can just never get enough of that indescribable feeling as the aircraft picks up speed on the runway and then much to your dismay you’re off the tarmac and in the air.

Since October 2014 Kulula boasts a fleet of nine ‘Boeing 737-800s’ capable of carrying 186 passengers and one ‘Boeing 737-400’ that carries 162 passengers. These planes are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, burning 26% less fuel than Kulula’s previous fleet of MD82 aircraft. The new Boeing fleet provides passengers with additional legroom ensuring a more comfortable flight.

In 1986 Boeing announced that it was developing a new, higher capacity version of the popular fast seller ‘Boeing 737-300’. The new aircraft, the ‘Boeing 737-400’, a 150 seat class was developed to replace the 727. The main change of the 737-400 compared to the smaller -300 was a 10ft fuselage stretch, comprising a 6ft stretch forward with a 4ft plug rear of the wing thus increasing passenger capacity to 188 and to accommodate the increase in weight, the more powerful CFM56s were fitted.

The ‘Boeing 737-400’ first took to the sky on 19th February 1988 and in October with Piedmont, broke into the airline service. The ‘Boeing 747-400’ has, out of the 737-300, -400 and -500 family, proved to be the most successful aircraft with its larger capacity and transcontinental US range. It does however face tough competition from the ‘Airbus A320’ of similar size.

Its wing span is 28.88m, length 36.45m and height 11.13m. The wing area is 105.4m2. The ‘Boeing 737-400’ has maximum cruising speed of 912 kilometres per hour with long range being at 813 kilometres per hour.

Kulula passengers can pre-book their seat for R70 inclusive, choosing either a window seat with a stunning view or an aisle seat if you’re not fond of heights or need to make a fast exit once landed.

Secure your seat before flying

Kulula offers three methods of securing your seat before flying. ‘Normal seat selection’ allows you to select a seat within 24 hours of your flight’s departure either by utilising one of Kulula’s self service options on-line, mobi or at an airport kiosk. With the ‘pre-paid seating’ option you may book and pay for your favoured seat in advance, up to 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure and lastly the ‘automatic seat allocation’, should you not have opted for either of the above, your seat will be allocated to you at the check-in counter by one of Kulula’s friendly check-in staff members.

Exit row seats are located at the emergency doors and for safety purposes are not available in advance for pre-paid selection or online check-in seat selection. These seats are not available for infants, children, elderly or disabled passengers. Only able-bodied passengers meeting the necessary safety criteria will be allowed to be seated in the exit row seating.