Johannesburg Money & Costs

The vibrant city of Johannesburg is the kind of destination where you can make your budget go further while having the time of your life. Setting a reasonable budget for you time here will help you to relax and truly enjoy Johannesburg.

The following expenses are some of the most relevant costs that you might want to be aware of when you fly in here.

Taxis and Public Transport

If you want to make the most of your time in this fantastic city then you will probably get around by taxi or by public transport at some point.

The taxis are reasonably cheap here. If you fly in to Lanseria Airport and take a taxi to Nelson Mandela Square then you will be charged in the region of R300 for the trip.

As with the other main cities in the country, the Uber app offers a different way of getting a taxi that may prove to be more convenient or cheaper.

Johannesburg Restaurant Costs

Johannesburg Restaurant

The pleasure of eating out in Johannesburg is something that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. You will discover a world of eating options once you get here and starting looking at where to dine.

At the lowest end of the scale, you will be charged about R50 for a fast food combo meal. In an inexpensive restaurant a basic sort of meal will come in at about R100 or so.

A mid-priced restaurant will typically charge between R400 and R500 for a meal. If you choose to go to one of the classiest places to dine in the city then you will be looking at upwards of R700.

Of course, there are many different restaurants in each of these price ranges in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Shopping Costs

There is no doubt that this is a fabulous city for going shopping in. You will find everything you could want in this city, with many products coming in at very decent prices.

Among the top places to shop in Johannesburg are the Mall of Rosebank, Eastgate Shopping Mall, and the African Craft Market of Rosebank. Exploring these fascinating places can add up to one of the most memorable parts of any trip to this city.

Johannesburg is widely regarded as being the best city in South Africa for shopping, and it is easy to see why. No matter what you are after, there is a very good chance that you find it on sale here.

From bargain hunting at flea markets to shopping in exclusive malls, you can find the perfect way to go shopping here for your style and budget. While each person will have a different approach to shopping in Johannesburg, you should definitely look to make this a part of your trip here.

Johannesburg Tours and Other Activities

Getting out of the city for a tour is one of the most thrilling ways of discovering what makes Johannesburg such a special place for so many visitors. There are numerous types of tour available here, with the cost varying greatly as well.

For instance, a city tour will cost you something in the region of R600 to R700. A cheaper option is the hop on and hop off city sightseeing bus that charges R170 for a one day adult ticket.

Many visitors to Johannesburg take the opportunity to visit Soweto on a tour too. A basic half day tour of Soweto costs around R700, with more comprehensive and expensive options also available.

Other popular tours around this city include those that include an exhilarating safari trip. This type of unforgettable tour can cost you around R2000 for a full day trip.

A day trip out to the world famous Sun City entertainment complex will cost you a similar price to the safari cost mentioned earlier. Other tours worth considering are the cultural activities on offer on visits to Lesedi Cultural Village and Pretoria, which can be combined into one trip for just over R2200 when booked online.

A marvellous trip to Johannesburg doesn’t need to cost you a fortune provided that you plan ahead and choose exactly what you want to do while you are here. Get your trip off to the perfect start by looking for cheap flights to Johannesburg from Cape Town, Durban and elsewhere.

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