Many would agree that Durban is a stunning destination. Some would even say that it is the perfect place to learn the art of capturing a memory and telling a story – if you are into photography that is. Once you’ve booked your Mango flights to Durban, and your photographic gear is checked and packed, all that remains to do is learn a few top travel photography tips to get you started.

If you are jetting off to Durban anytime soon, it is highly recommended that you take your camera for a spin. You really are in for a real treat.

How to be a Great Travel Photographer on Your Trip to Durban

  • Durban has magical sunrises and sunsets – capture them!

Natural light and a magical glow make for the perfect romantic shot in Durbs. You also don’t need to have too many photographic skills to snap a gorgeous sunrise or sunset in Durban. If you want a great sunrise, the Durban beachfront pier (Golden Mile) or the Kloof Gorge viewpoint are great places to position yourself. Sunsets are also great in Bothas Hill and Wilson’s Warf.

  • Do a bit of research

As a budding photographer newbie, you are perhaps not yet quite certain what type of photographs you prefer to shoot. Perhaps you like taking pictures of people or animals, or prefer the action shots or magnificent scenery? Whatever your preference, it’s best to have a “hit list” of spots where you can find these very subjects for your photograph composition.

For shots of people, the Durban promenade is a good choice especially on a Saturday and Sunday morning when cyclists, dog walkers, runners, and kids are catching the early morning rays.

Mitchell Park Zoo is great for capturing some shots of animals, and if you want to fill your lens with scenes of scenic spots, visit the Durban Botanical Gardens or head upBothas Hill towards Camperdown where you will be able to enjoy the most stunning views of the 1000 Hills Valley.

  • Get some online inspiration.

Sometimes it can really help to get a bit of inspiration online. Other people’s photos can give you a few ideas for your own. While you are busy online searching for the cheapest Mango flights to Durban, you may as well spend a little more time getting some inspiration.

Do a google search for ‘photographs of Durban’ and glean some shot ideas from what you find. Perhaps you will find a great silhouette you like or the way a photographer captured the glint of sunshine on an object – whatever it is – you will findall the inspiration you need online. Pinterest is another great place to browse.

  • Use as much natural light as possible.

It might be tempting to use your flash with every possible picture, but sometimes this can eliminate some of the natural interest from the photo. If it is light enough to take a photo without a flash, turn it off and try your hand at natural shots. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

  • Always be prepared.

There is a lot to see and do in Durban and the last thing you want is to miss a great shot because you are still trying to grapple with your camera equipment in your backpack. Set up your camera equipment so that it is always readily available. You need to be extremely quick on the draw. So, remain alert and keep your attention constantly aware of potential photo opportunities.

Best Spots to Take Photos in Durban

If you are looking for a list of the most picture perfect spots in Durban, you really are going to be overwhelmed with how many places truly fit that description. Below are a few places you can head to with your camera for photos that will be worth sharing, printing and keeping forever:

  • The Umhlanga Lighthouse
  • The pier at Golden Mile
  • Roma Revolving Restaurant
  • Ballito Beach
  • Kloof Gorge View Point (and the picnic site below)
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium

Take Your Camera ‘with’ on your Mango Flights to Durban

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