The attractive city of Durban is the second biggest in South Africa and it has good air connections to the rest of the country.

Durban beach

King Shaka Airport is a wonderful new airport that offers a warm welcome to visitors to this lovely city. Road access to the city is from here good, with plans for a high speed monorail also looking promising for the future.

As you would expect, there are regular direct flights here the main cities spread across South Africa.

Durban city

From Johannesburg

A flight from Johannesburg to Durban takes a little over an hour. The following airlines operate on this popular route at the time of writing; FlySafair, Mango, South African Airways, Kulula and British Airways.

The earliest start of the day is typically at around 6am. For a later departure you can choose from a number of flights that set off after 8pm.

The large number of flights on this route means that are competitively priced options to choose from, with deals of under R600 not uncommon.

From Cape Town

The flight from Cape Town to Durban will take you some 2 hours. SA Express, British Airways, South African Airways, Kulula, Mango and FlySafair are the airlines who cover this route.

A 6am start will see you get to Durban by 8am and ready to see its main attractions. On the other hand, if you want get there late in the evening then you could wait for the last flights after 7pm.

By looking in advance for your flights you can find deals that start as low as R600 or less.

From East London

A direct flight from East London to the warm coastal city of Durban takes an hour to arrive. There are relatively few direct flights each day, although an indirect flight with a stop elsewhere is an option.

SA Express is currently the only operator with direct flights between these cities. If you broaden your search to include flights with stops and layovers you will find the likes of Kulula, South African Airways and Airlink too.

Currently, there are 3 direct flights each day. The first one leaves at 7.35am and the others at 1.35pm and 6.25pm. The relative scarcity of flights means that you should look in advance in order to get a decent price of around R1, 600.

From George

A direct, nonstop flight from George to Durban can be pretty hard to find. Currently, only Airlink offer this service, with a flight that leaves at 11.50am daily.

This flight takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the pretty city of Durban. A flight from Kulula, South African Airways or SA Express with stops takes a minimum of 4 hours to arrive.

The cheapest price for this route typically hovers around the R1, 700 mark for a standard one-way ticket. It is worth bearing in mind that the direct option isn’t automatically going to give you the best price.

From Bloemfontein

The trip from Bloemfontein to Durban is just an hour on a direct flight with Airlink. Indirect flights with stops are run by SA Express, with the quickest passing for Johannesburg and taking under 4 hours overall.

The direct option means leaving at 8.15am or 6pm. By expanding your search to cover flight with stops then you will get a greater range of departure times to choose from.

In terms of the cost of this trip, you will be looking at somewhere in the region of R2, 000. The direct option might be more convenient but there is no guarantee that it will be your lowest cost option.

From Port Elizabeth

A flight from The Bay to Durban can be booked with SA Express or British Airways. If you don’t mind a stop on the route then you can also pick a flight from South African Airways.

The direct flights between these two fine cities take an hour and 15 minutes to get you to your destination. The earliest departure is at 7.50am and the latest one is 7.55pm.

You will be looking at paying around R1, 500 for a one-way ticket on economy class on this route.

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A great trip to Durban starts with a good value flight that suits your needs.  Discover our latest deals today and get started on planning a terrific break you won’t forget in a hurry.