It can be frustrating to experience the sheer convenience of online flight bookings only to realise that you don’t have a way to do the rest of the journey just as conveniently!

Imagine how time-saving it would be to have someone to virtually prepare your luggage, get you to the airport on time, and have you gliding through the airport and security check-points, hassle-free. While we can’t do all of that for you, we can help to reduce the frustrations often associated with preparing for eventually making the trip. Let’s jump right in with a few tips and some great advice…

Getting to the airport on time

Getting to the airport in time for your flight, so that you can actually relax before rushing to the security gate, seems like a major task to many people. The trick is to be prepared in advance.

As soon as you have your flight bookings sorted out, it’s time to start preparing for the actual trip. If you are planning to pack on the morning of your trip and rush off to the airport to just make it in time for check-in, you’re doing it wrong. Let’s start with getting you to the airport with no delays.

  • Pack as much of your luggage and hand baggage as you can, the day before your flight. If there are items that you still need to use make sure that you have a list drawn up so that you don’t forget to add them to your bags before you leave.
  • It’s important to familiarise yourself with the “dangerous goods” list before traveling.Make sure that your hand luggage contains no sharp objects or disallowed items and chemicals. If you are taking any liquids, shampoos, perfumes and cosmetics that are over 100ml be sure to pack these into your main luggage.
    • Tip –Liquids of 100ml or less can be carried in hand luggage but should all be packed in a clear Ziploc plastic bagto make it easy for security to check.
  • Ensure that all of your necessary travel documentation such as passports, birth certificates for any minors travelling with you and your tickets are all together.
    • Tip – Scan and save these documents as images on your phone or tablet as back up just in case you lose any of the documents while traveling.
  • Consider hiring an airport shuttle service that can pick you up and get you to the airport on time. This means you have a schedule to work to and won’t need to hunt for airport parking. You also won’t have to wait around for family/friends to collect you (they can potentially run late).
    • Tip – If you are relying on transport from family or friends, add on an extra 30 minutes to your travel time to ensure that you don’t arrive too late. Also, prepare for them to drop you at the drop-off zone, so that there is no need to search for parking or get delayed waiting for everyone to be ready and make their way to the terminal.
  • Check in online 24-hours before your flight. This way you can secure your seat in advance. If you are traveling with no luggage, you won’t even have to queue for the check-in counters when you arrive at the airport. You can use your mobile boarding pass or print your own boarding pass at the self-service machines and head straight to security.

Getting through the airport on time

Once you arrive at the airport, the throngs of passengers can make you late, even if you are well within the recommended arrival time. Going through security check points can also be a lengthy process, especially if you aren’t fully prepared for the experience. Below are a few tips to help you get through the airport quickly and with a smile on your face.

  • Having checked in online 24-hours before your flight you can use the self-service counters to skip the long queues. If you have baggage, you can then drop them at the baggage drop area or go straight to security. NB – not all airports offer pre-check in or self-service counters so always be prepared to stand in line!
  • Have your ID and/or passport in hand along with your boarding pass. You will be asked for these at various stages during the check in, security, and boarding process. Perhaps stash these in your jeans pocket or the very top of your hand luggage for quick and easy access.
  • As you near the security point be ready to remove your laptop and camera from your bags. These items need to be put into the plastic crates provided and sent through the scanner separately from your hand luggage. You don’t want to hold up the queue struggling to pull these items from your bag – it can be frustrating, not to mention embarrassing!
  • Knowing that your hand luggage contains no sharp objects or disallowed items and chemicals, and that all your liquids under 100ml are clearly visible in a plastic bag – you can go through security with confidence.
  • Wear convenient shoes. It’s no secret that some security checkpoints ask certain, if not all, individuals to remove their shoes. Make sure that you wear shoes that you can slip off and on easily, so you aren’t stuck trying to get them back on while your personal belongings zoom through the scanner without you.
  • Metal might activate the alarm on the scanner, so it’s best to wear as little metal as possible and be prepared to remove items that they feel might be setting off the alarm. This includes things like belts, bangles, and similar.

Convenient Online Flight Bookings with Domestic Flights South Africa

While many do find the security checkpoints frustrating and time consuming (particularly if we are running late), never forget that they are there for a reason and that is quite simply to protect you!

Our tips will help you to get to and through the airport on time, but before you do, you need to book your flights! If you are looking for the most convenient online flight bookings you have come to the right place. Use our handy flight search feature to search, compare, book and pay for all your flights. Travel wise, travel safe!