Cape Town is a city where amazing scenery and a fantastic atmosphere help visitors to feel right at home very quickly. Another factor that helps tourists to enjoy their stay is the tasty and highly varied food and drinks offering in this city.

No matter what you like to eat and drink, you are likely to find the perfect to do it here. Why not let your senses enjoy a real treat by sampling the best that the Mother City has to offer in this respect.

Food and Drink in Cape Town: Local Cuisine

Perhaps the most famous type of cuisine found here is the wonderful Cape Malay version. This is a sweet and spicy way of cooking that was brought to this region by slaves brought across from the Middle East.

Food and Drink in Cape Town

The Indian workers who arrived here in the past also brought a notable culinary influence with them that is still easy to find today. Hot Indian curries, biryanis and samosas are all highly popular and very easy to find in Cape Town.

The city’s glorious position right at the meeting point of two Oceans also means that it has a lot of seafood dishes for you to try once you arrive. These include oysters, mussels and prawns, often served with a Mediterranean influence.

When we add in the indigenous African influence and the recipes coming from the Afrikaner culture it is clear that you will be spoiled for choice when you fly in to Cape Town from Lanseria or elsewhere for a break.

Food and Drink in Cape Town: Local Drinks

There is also a terrific variety of drinks waiting to tempt you in Cape Town. Among the most popular is, of course, beer.

The Cape Town Festival of Beer is a must-see for fans of this beverage. It usually takes place in November and with over 200 and 60 breweries, it is classed as the biggest beer festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

The wine here is also excellent and well worth sampling while you are visiting Cape Town. There is some wonderfully scenic wine country around here, so getting out on a wine tour is something not to be missed when you take a cheap flight to Cape Town.

Local Drinks in Cape Town

Other popular drinks among the locals include the classic gin and tonic. Rooibos tea is a drink that you will also want to sample here, as it is made with a root unique to this part of the world.

Places to Eat

Settling down for a quality meal is one of the best things about a trip anywhere, with vibrant Cape Town being no exception. The buzzing restaurant scene here has as much variety and quality as you could hope for.

Gold Restaurant is the place to get started if you want to find out all about the authentic tastes of Africa in a fabulous setting. The atmosphere and live music make this a place that many visitors to Cape Town head to, while Africa Café is another good choice in a similar vein.

If you want some Asian food then you have numerous places to choose from. Among the most interesting of these restaurants are the relaxed Chai Yo and the classy Willoughby & Co.

The options don’t end there, though. Other great places to eat here include Stardust, La Mouette and Ragafellows.

Places to Drink

The choice of bars and pubs in the Mother City is extensive. For example, the excellent Odyssey Gastropub is a great place to get a beer or spirit while eating locally produced food and listening to some music.

Places to Drink in Cape Town

The Gin Bar is a place where you can sample this classic beverage in the perfect setting. Others bars you might be interested in are the popular O’Driscoll’s Irish Pub, Rick’s and The Waiting Room.

In terms of nightlife, this is the sort of city where you can live life to the full after dark. The brilliant Fiction DJ Bar and Lounge is a great place for trying out some of your best dance moves.

Otherwise, the Madison Avenue Cape Town nightclub and multi-cultural Foreign Exchange Bar offer fine places for a few drinks and some fun in the evening.

You will love the food and drink on offer in the welcoming city of Cape Town. If you feel that it is time to treat yourself to a chance of scenery then check out the great deals we have for you on flights here.