As a hardworking South African, you probably take your holidays pretty seriously and that’s okay. You know what they say…”work hard, play hard”, right? Now, with cheap FlySafair bookings, easing into holiday mode is easier even if you’re traveling for work during the festive season.  
If you are packing bags and boarding flights late into the year, for business instead of pleasure, it can be hard to get into that much-needed festive holiday mode.

Just because you are traveling for work doesn’t mean that it has to be all work and no play. There are a few things that you can do to cope with work travel frustrations during the holidays, including saving yourself some hard earned cash by taking advantage of cheap FlySafair bookings.
Here are a few ways to help you ease into holiday mode, even whenyou’re still traveling for work this festive season:

  • Take it easy – there’s no rush (for the rest of the festive travellers that is).

If you don’t want to suffer a migraine, hernia or near heart attack, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time when traveling. Accept that many of those around youare already entering holiday mode, and while they are leisurely ambling along, or slowly gathering their bags from the overhead locker on the plane, you are probably in a rush. Leave plenty of time between connecting flights and collection times etc. to cater to potential delays.

Plan to travel at a leisurely pace and you will save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety.

  • Distract yourself – get in “the zone”

You’ve just boarded your FlySafair flight, sat down and buckled up. Once you take off and the seat belt light goes offheadphones are allowed, and you should make the most of this. Elbow room is often sparse on a domestic flightand working on a laptop is not always practical! Use your travel time for some quality down-time and pre-prepare a relaxing or exciting mix of your favourite music, a stand-up comedy or interesting podcast to enjoy while you are jet-setting back and forth.

Simply immersing yourself in something that you enjoy can distract you from the fact that you’re traveling for work.

  • Prepare yourself to be mindful – be nice – be patient

While you are a seasoned business traveller and doing the rounds during the holidays, you are bound to encounter leisure travellers who have far less experience. Before you travel, take a deep breath and mentally prepare for a few annoyances to crop up along the way. Passengers might get confused at the check-in counters, sit in the wrong seats, and delay flights. Remember to be nice and patient – ‘tis the season’ after all.

  • Be the early worm – reserve the best spot

Once you have madeyour FlySafair bookings, be sure that you reserve yourfavourite seat. It’s important to do this before the day of your flight whenyou do your online check-in. Just by sitting in the spot that you are mostcomfortable in you can make the trip a whole lot easier on yourself. The lastthing you need is to add the frustration of sitting in the worst possible seatto the situation.

  • Take advantage of all the little conveniences along the way

Let’s face it, standing around at the airport in long queues and dealing with festive travellers while you’re off on a work trip, isn’t a recipe for joy. If you want to eliminate all possible frustrations, make sure that you take advantage of the conveniences offered to you by the airline.

When you complete your FlySafair booking, you will note that you can opt to travel with luggage or just with hand-luggage. If you’re traveling light with hand luggage, there’s no need to stand in a queue to check in baggage! Make sure that you check in online, reserve your seat online and send yourboarding pass to your phone (or print it if you have to!). There are also self-service machines at the airport that make things a lot easier.

Oh, and if you plan to buy snacks on board the plane, have some change handy. 

Book FlySafair Flights and Be Merry!

When you take advantage of cheap FlySafair bookings, there’s every reason to be merry this festive season. At Domestic Flights South Africa, we warmly welcome you to book your next work trip during the holidays via our website. Use our flight search feature to find the best airfares and deals this season. Save on your travel tickets and use the extra cash to buy yourself a gift – after all,you deserve it…