The Coronavirus has rocked the world and has thrown 2020 for a loop. The unexpected pandemic has left an air of anxiety, stress, and fear that can creep up on your day, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. But there’s hope.

These difficult and strange times have also brought a sense of community and unity. The feeling that we’re all in this together can uplift spirits. And, it is in this vein, that South African bloggers have come together to share and spread positivity.

We posted two questions and have collected the answers of 18 dynamic and interesting bloggers from across the country.

The first question inspires wishful thinking and encourages us all to dream about life post lockdown. The answers to the second question help inspire activities and things to do during isolation which will keep your smile shining bright.

  • Question 1: Once Corona blows over, where is the first place you would like to go on holiday?
  • Question 2: What are you going to be spending your next couple of weeks doing?

Keep reading to discover great future travel ideas, lockdown inspiration and brainstorm your own answers to keep hope and excitement alive.

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1. Candice Land and Ollie Boyers – Ollie & The Captain

1. When the world returns to a state that is recognizable again we think that we will want to go somewhere that ticks all the boxes for us.

The boxes that need ticking are a hot climate, great waves for surfing, amazing food, and a beneficial exchange rate. So, we have narrowed our options down to Bali and Costa Rica.

2. Well, we had to put ourselves on an emergency flight back from Chile just a few days ago so we are still at home serving our mandatory 14 days of isolation. South Africa also went into a 21-day lockdown shortly after we got home so we still have a solid two weeks to serve.

During this time, we are doing our best to complete our backlog of content from our most recent trip to Argentina and Chile. To keep ourselves sane, we are working out daily in our lounge (which is temporarily converted to a gym in the evenings).

We also think that this is the perfect time to focus on our SEO strategy and to optimize existing posts. We have 19 days to go and lots of inspirational pictures of Bali’s jungles and ocean to keep us motivated.

2. Bronwyn Marcus – Unfold Durban

1. I would have to say I would love to visit the Cape wine farms. I was recently invited to the Mercury Wine Week where I met Anton Swart, a passionate winemaker from Spier Wine Farms.

His love for wine was inspiring and appealing. It made me want to go visit and experience the wine tasting and learn more about wine. I think Hubby and I will need it after three weeks with three teenage boys in the house.

2. I am still working but from home. I have a few blog deadlines to meet. I am also doing some online workshops, Youtube tutorials on Mail Chimp, and various Udemy courses.

We are looking forward to being able to do things we are normally too busy to do. My husband and sons are going to do some DIY – if I can ply the kids away from WIFI that is. My son has already helped paint his own bedroom door.

My husband and I are going to work on videos for our social media. Our 14-year-old son is educating us and helping us edit, etc. We can’t wait to play board games with the boys. Dance and be silly. Pray for our friends, family and the people of South Africa.

3. Divine Kabwe – Being Yourself Blog

1. Once the Coronavirus is over the first place I want to go for a holiday in Knysna. That was one of the first local travel destinations I had on my bucket list for 2020. I am looking forward to being there.

2. In the next couple of weeks, I have set up a light and fun plan of activities. Some of them are upgrading my baking skills, organizing my apartment, doing some DIY projects, catching up on my assignments and my blog posts as well.

Learning how to properly use TIKTOK and take some online yoga and dance classes. I am going to use all the time I have to my advantage. I feel like we have been given bonus time to work on ourselves.

4. Serena Pillay – Serendipity Awaits Within

1. The first place that I would like to visit when Covid-19 is over is the Namib desert, more particularly Swakopmund. I think that Africa is filled with a vast richness that is second to none. I am highly curious to see the contrasting landscapes of the desert to the ocean and it sounds like an adventure that cannot be missed!

More importantly, the impact of Covid-19 on the global tourism industry could have devastating effects and I think that we can play our part to help rebuild African economies. During my visit, I would love to take in the splendour of the contrasting scenery with a balloon ride and go quad biking to play in the sand!

2. Since I work in the online fields of education and blogging I’m going to spend my time teaching English and programming online.

I’m also going to be watching adventure movies like Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider. At the moment I’m also learning video editing so that I will be able to produce better visual content when Covid-19 is over.

5. Lia Marus –

1. We were booked to go to the Blyde River Canyon over Easter, however, obviously, this has had to be cancelled. So the first thing that hubby and I are going to be doing is going there!

2. My copywriting and editing business is conducted online so nothing much will change. The nice thing is that I’ll have company as my husband will be with me!



6. Verushka Ramasami – Spice Goddess

1. India with my Mum. Having only visited the state of Kerala, I am keen to explore, pray and eat my way through India. My holiday would be to the North of India.

But, in all fairness, my next holiday might just end up being Mauritius. The Indian Ocean island has stolen my heart and she keeps calling back.

2. Always a balancing act as I juggle my full-time job as a Travel and Tourism Lecturer and running a full-time blog. There are often not enough days in my week.

During the next couple of weeks I intend on cooking more, creating blog content (never enough time to write), reading, meditation, resting, catching up with family and friends virtually using technology, and adult colouring.

I intend on breaking up my day into segments to keep me occupied and sane during this stressful time, as it is important to take care of your body, mind and soul.

7. Alma Van As – Roaming Fox

1. Without hesitation, I would love to visit my sons in their respective countries of residence: Australia and Germany. The toughest for me is not being able to see them at this time and even more so, that I would not be allowed entry into their countries.

Thank goodness for the internet so we can at least communicate. Both of those countries have so much to offer for tourists and travellers but I think just spending time with distant family would be most important to me.

2. I have no shortage of things to do! Naturally, I will be writing more blogs, and if I don’t feel like writing, I can update and improve older blogs.

I have a few other things in the pipeline that I haven’t had a chance to do yet because blogging has kept me so busy. I am working on one or two eBooks and perhaps I can complete them to see if they would be suitable for publishing.

8. Karen Marais – Mommy in Cape Town

1. I would like to support more local guesthouses and accommodation in small towns. Our hospitality sector has been hit incredibly hard by the Covid-19. The hospitality sector employs 1000’s of people.

I would like to go visit my family in Hoedspruit (I grew up there) who I haven’t seen in ages. I would love to go visit my sister in Chile, who I haven’t seen in two years.

For the meantime I would like to explore South Africa a lot more, we have the privilege to live in a country that has so much natural beauty.

2. I’m going to focus on spending time with my daughter. I have stocked up on art supplies, fun activities, books and audiobooks. I am going to work in the garden and do the things I “never have time to do”. This is a time to slow down.

9. Mira Naidu – Real Life Mum

1. The first place I would love to visit is Durban to see my parents and also to have a bit of a holiday. I had to cancel my holiday plans due to Covid-19. I can’t wait to introduce my youngest boy to the beach.

2. The next couple of weeks in the lockdown period we will be home. We haven’t stockpiled on food so hubby will be going to get us supplies if needed. I will be completing my maternity leave and return to work.

Managing two little ones while we work at home. DIY at home, hubby is redoing a part of our lounge area, breaking, plastering and painting. If the weather is any good, perhaps afternoon swims. Arts, crafts, singing nursery rhymes with my four-year-old.

I have a few half-read books that I want to finish, but I will see if I can finish one at least.

10. Sharon Waugh – The Sharonicles

1. After the Coronavirus blows over, the first place I want to visit (and I really hope I am not repeating anyone else’s answer) is quite obviously the Bathurst Pineapple in the Eastern Cape.

For some reason, things like Table Mountain, the Union Buildings and the Cradle of Humankind overshadow the incredible giant yellowy-orange architectural masterpiece. Bathurst’s oversized pineapple building is definitely on the list of iconic South African landmarks.

It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Having missed my family during isolation, I will invite them to join me. Being the biggest pineapple in the world, I think it can accommodate everyone.

2. As someone who is miraculously still employed as a travel writer, I will still be working (but with more gratitude than usual). I am also hoping to work on my travel memoir.

If I have any extra time I may take up cat-hair felting which is the art of making little hats for cats out of their own hair.

11. Judy MacGregor – Fun Mama SA

1. We had a family holiday planned for April to Durban to visit with my sister, nephews and in-laws. So, that would be my first choice to visit after Corona.

2. My husband and I are still working from home and entertaining my three-year-old. I started a group on Facebook – Fun Mamma Rainbow Kids, with daily crafts for parents to get ideas to keep their kids busy. We share a craft a day.



12. Sara Essop – In Africa And Beyond

1. The exotic Silk Route was on my bucket list for this year, so that’s where I’d like to go first. Locally, my trip to the Western Cape had to be cancelled due to Corona, and I’d like to go back there too.

2. I plan to keep myself very productive during this period. I have a to-do list to get through that will take me ages to complete. I will also be spending a lot more quality time with my immediate family.



13. Julie Gluck – One Stop Wanderlust

1. After a seriously cosy lockdown with the spouse and three kiddos, the first place I’d like to visit is the bush for much-needed space to chill out in nature and just breathe. The bush is soul food!

2. Besides rationing wine and eating chips, I plan to still have a bit of routine for mental wellbeing. I’ll spend time with the kids doing fun things like baking, games and getting fresh air in the garden but also a few school-related activities.

I want to finish the book I started 2 months ago and use the time to do some online research and strategising in between mediating cabin fever squabbles.


14. Lebogang Xolo – MrsXLifestyle

1. I initially planned to be in Bali this year as it’s our 10-year wedding anniversary. But the Coronavirus has really changed my views. With how much the virus has impacted our economy, I choose to travel locally to play my part.

I’ve always wanted to go to the Kagga Kamma Nature Resort. That means flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town and driving from there. The place looks incredible and ideal for a second honeymoon.

2. We are a family of four, therefore entertainment for the whole family. We read a lot, more so because it takes us to places we’ve never been. Playing games is our speciality and it brings us closer. This is a time to also read and meditate. I’ll also be sharing coping mechanisms with those who have mental health issues on my platforms.

15. Janice Leibowitz – Glitter and Toast

1. The one place I’d promised I was going back to this year is my favourite place in the world … Ireland! We always joke about my Irish soul. I’ve always had an attachment and fondness for anything Irish or to do with Ireland.

Finally, just over 2 years ago, I visited the place for the first time and not surprisingly, fell completely in love with it! On my next trip, I’d definitely like to stay longer and would like to see more of the country. I’d love to see the Cliffs of Moher which are apparently breathtaking.

I’ve heard that the Ring of Kerry is a beautifully scenic route. I’d also like to see Glendalough in County Wicklow and The Rock of Cashel in Tipperary. There are a few more places on my list … I think I’m going to need a good few weeks there to see everything I want to see!

2. Definitely reading – for pleasure, not only for review purposes (I’m a book reviewer and I have at least 3 reviews due weekly).

Will be doing a Facebook Friend cull. Seriously, I have no clue who some of those people even are!

Getting rid of clutter – definitely a team thing. Far too much stuff accumulated in our house!

We’re all taking time every day to spend some time in our garden, which hopefully we’ll come to appreciate a bit more.

We’re all making sure to stay in contact with my mom and my aunt. My mom’s 86 and lives on her own in London. She has an incredible support system, but this is very, very difficult for all of us! My aunt is 93 and lives in a retirement home less than 2km away from us – also difficult. She’s nearby but we can’t go and see her! I will, however, be able to do the shopping and some cooking for her and can go and deliver these goodies.

Some days will seem like an eternity and others will seem like they’ve flown by. But at the end of it all, when we return to a very different world, I think that we will all have grown in our love for each other and in our appreciation for all that we have and for all that we share.

16. Natasha Kisten – Fit Like Mummy

1. Post Corona, I want to travel anywhere in South Africa. I absolutely love my country and its diversity. There is so much to see and experience. Being in lockdown makes me miss nature and wildlife immensely.

However, I have already booked a girls trip to Bali for October. I’m crossing my fingers that still goes as planned.

2. Seeing as we are on lockdown, it’s a matter of achieving balance and positivity amidst the Covid-19 craziness. I’m focussing on self-care, baking and the blog, of course. Most importantly, I’m going to take each day as it comes.


17. Simone Verhoog – Mama To The Power of 4

1. The mall!!!!! Just kidding. I’d love to rebook my trip to Portugal to visit my sister, or finally plan our girls trip to see friends in Johannesburg.

2. With four kids, my house is constantly busy. But for the next (undetermined) while, we want the kids to have a break from all the stress and school stuff. We plan to take it easy and try to find our own groove as time passes.



18. Saadiyah Desai –  Mom Scaping

1. When Covid-19 is over and the pandemic has slowed down worldwide, I would like to make a trip to visit my home country of Zimbabwe. Reasons being that it has been some time since I have been separated from my immediate family and it would be a blessing that I get to see them again. I want to live through more memories of a country I grew up in.

I’ve always believed in giving my kids the same experiences as I did when I was a child. And to let them go back after three years of being away will allow me to instil those memories I cherished of visiting Lake Kariba and Victoria Falls. Listening to the birds and wildlife at night, whilst sharing meals around the table and laughter. I couldn’t imagine a more meaningful holiday.

2. I’ve set a structure in my home. As I am a mother of three we will be keeping the home a calm but fun environment to the best of our abilities. Keeping the kids occupied with activities and games to get our family bond strong again.

There will be lots of housework going on as you can imagine. But I would like to get more content up for my readers too and start drawing once again if I can squeeze in a bit of time.

Final Thoughts

Even the most dire adversity holds measures of beauty and grace. It is during this time of quiet and reflection that we are able to appreciate things that so often we take for granted.

Our loved ones, our abilities to enjoy and take part in hobbies and work, South Africa’s incredible weather, are all things that so often go unnoticed.

We have no idea what the results of this unexpected and extraordinary time may be. But what we do know is that through slowing down and appreciating what makes life meaningful to us will mean a richer and more fulfilled way of being.

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