Cape Town Money & Costs

Working out a sensible budget for your trip to Cape Town is a smart move. While flights here from other parts of the country are very affordable, what else are you likely to need to spend money on while you are here?

The following are some of the main costs that you are likely to come across while in the Mother City.

Taxis and Public Transport

Cape Town is a very walkable city that invites you to get out and explore it on foot. However, there may very well be times when you need to get around by taxi or by public transport.

The good news is that getting around here by taxi is fairly inexpensive. For example, from the airport to V&A Waterfront should cost you around R230. The Uber service is also available in this city and could work out slightly less expensive for you.

In terms of public transport in Cape Town, a good start is with the popular City Sightseeing Bus. This gives you a good way of getting your bearings at a cost of R170 if you buy online in advance.

To get around the city on local buses you can use the Golden Arrow service. This costs from as little as R10 for a one way ticket.

The Metrorail system is the train service that will get you around the city. The current pricing structure has tickets from R7.50, depending upon the exact trip you want to make in this way.

The simplest way to get up to the top of Table Mountain is with the cable car system. This costs R255 for an adult return ticket if you buy online.

Cape Town Restaurant Costs

Cape Town City

Eating out is pleasure wherever in the world that you travel to. This is especially true in cosmopolitan Cape Town, where you can try out wonderful dishes and cuisines in some fabulous restaurants.

Clearly, the cost of eating out here varies widely depending upon what you want to eat and where. For example, if you go to a fast food restaurant then expect to pay around R50 for a combo meal.

In a decent restaurant you can expect to pay from R100 and upwards for a basic lunch. The cost of dinner will vary widely with there being such a big selection of restaurants in the city.

For example, if you go to a classy waterfront restaurant then a meal with wine could come in at R400 or so. If you go to a really expensive restaurant then you could easily pay up to R700 for a meal.

The Cape Town Street Food Festival is a fantastic place to try lots of amazing food as affordable price. This event costs a R50 entry fee and has some excellent food for you to try.

Cape Town Shopping Costs

Going shopping in Cape Town is a great experience that can really add greatly to the enjoyment you get from a trip here. The V&A Waterfront is one of the top spots for doing some shopping here but the city has a lot more to offer as well.

As you would expect in such a major city, the prices range from extremely cheap up to incredibly expensive. Certainly, anyone coming in from abroad could find that designer products are a lot cheaper here than back home.

There are numerous malls, markets, chain stores and independent boutiques to discover in Cape Town. Indeed, all of this adds up to make it a fine city for shopping fans.

In terms of the shopping budget you will need here, it really just depends upon your tastes and needs. It definitely makes sense to take away enough money to make shopping one of the real highlights of your Cape Town trip.

Cape Town Tours and Other Activities

One of the expenses that you won’t want to overlook is that of going on tours in and around Cape Town. These activities offer one of the very best ways of seeing all that the city has to offer.

Among the best tours here is the trip down to Robben Island. This is a tour that tends to leave a deep impression on visitors.

You can book a Robben Island tour on its own or as part of a day trip in and around Cape Town. A comprehensive day tour package will set you back around R1000, although there are cheaper options on the market too.

A top quality wine tasting tour will cost up to R2000. Again, you can find cheaper options too if you prefer.

An affordable trip to Cape Town starts with the right flights. Take a look at how cheap a flight here from elsewhere in South Africa will cost you.

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