Johannesburg remains the economical and political hub of Africa. Millions of local and foreign travellers visit the city each year, driving up the demand for cheap flights to Johannesburg. With so many tourist attractions, and some of South Africa’s most celebrated cities and world class suburbs, South Africans from all walks of life book Johannesburg flights daily.

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Some of the main attractions you can look forward to when booking cheap flights to Johannesburg include:

  • Sandton City – One of Africa’s most prestigious shopping centres, you will be hard pressed to find a similar shopping experience anywhere on the continent. Shop to your heart’s content in this modern and beautiful shopping mecca;
  • Lion Park – Get up close and personal with these beautiful animals in a safe and welcoming space during your visit to the city;
  • Sun City – Attracting millions of tourists each year, Sun City offers many fantastic attractions including The Palace of the Lost City, and of course the 24-hour casino paradise; and
  • Hartbeespoort Damn – Hartbeespoort Dam is one of Gauteng’s favourite gateways. Whether you are into water sports or arts and crafts, you will always find something to enjoy in this beautiful and celebrated corner of the city.

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