Work and Play by the Seaside – The Best Working Coffee Spots in Durban

Just your luck, you’re about to board your Mango flights to Durban and your boss has come up with a last-minute emergency. Don’t delay your holiday because of last-minute work dramas. There are plenty of places to complete your tasks once you arrive. Likewise, if you’re a freelancer, you can continue your craft unabated during your seaside break.

These are the top 8 places in Durban where the Wi-Fi is free, the coffee is hot, and the food is awesome.

1. Glenwood Bakery
Famous for artisanal bread, orange juice straight from the orange and gourmet sandwiches, Glenwood Bakery also makes a mean cuppa joe and the Wi-Fi is free.

The rush is on for freshly baked goods in the early mornings, so if you’re looking for quiet time and a space near a power point, arrive later. They’ll bring you jugs of water with cucumber to keep you refreshed and you can reward yourself for your excellent work ethic with home-made salted caramel, ginger, or grapefruit ice cream afterwards.

2. Parc. Cafe
You’ll find Parc Café in the same neighbourhood. Apart from delicious breakfasts, light lunches and dinners, this restaurant is best-known for its avo milkshakes. The Wi-fi is free and the ambience is unpretentious, so it’s a wonderful place to just get on with it.

Plus, you can celebrate the demise of your deadline with a glass of wine or a cold beer afterwards.

3. Smart Space
Designed with the working class in mind you will find Smart Space located in the hub of the city’s downtown area at 320 West street. This co-working space has all the elements you need to get the job done.

Day passes begin at R100 for the day or you can buy a monthly membership for R1000. The deal includes a network printer, desks or a permanent office, a business room, lockers and a chill space. Most importantly, there’s coffee and free unlimited wi-fi.

4. Open Plan Studio
Open Plan Studio is another custom-designed workspace with a focus on the creative arts. There’s a photography studio, artists workshops, a container office and kitchen installation on site.

You’ll find this workspace on the 4th floor of the newly-renovated Design Factory. It’s close to Moses Mabhida Stadium, Lion Match Factory and the Stables. The beach is nearby if you some time to clear your mind.

Here’s the best part – the Wi-fi and the coffee are free.

5. Arts Cafe
If you’re into the arty thing, this Glenwood café is your go-to in the suburbs. The menu is huge and filled with cheap eats as well as an abundance of coffee. Wi-fi is free and this open-plan space has a trendy yet relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll find plenty to inspire you here. The interior is lined with artworks and the outside tables offer a calming garden atmosphere.

6. Home Bru Graft Cafe
If you’re flying into King Shaka International Airport on your Mango flights to Durban, Umhlanga Rocks is your closest port of call for some last-minute graft.

Home Bru Graft Cafe is a vibey on-trend workspace with hi-speed Wi-Fi, scanners, printers and a boardroom. You can have a quick lunch and a hot coffee while you’re there too.

7.  Saint Clements
Saint Clements is a writer’s dream, with pretty gardens and a fountain to draw out your creative juices. You’ll find this quaint eatery secluded behind Musgrave’s busy street in a quiet nursery. The staff are welcoming, the wi-fi is free and a variety of tasty treats fill the menu, along with some fine coffees.

The best spot at this café is the table under the grapefruit tree, which provides shade and proximity to the soothing sounds of the fountain.

8. Circus Circus Musgrave
If you prefer the bustle of the suburban beat, head for Circus Circus in the Musgrave Centre.Here you’ll meet up with like minds in this vibey creative space. The menu packs an irresistible punch of tempting snacks, lunches and breakfasts so arrive hungry.

The service is a little slow at peak times but the wi-fi is always on fire!

After Hours Satisfaction

When the work is done, you’ll find no shortage of cheap things to do in Durban to help you conserve your hard-earned cash. Don’t let work get in the way of your fun, find your cheap Mango flights to Durban with Domestic Flights South Africaand enjoy a change of scenery.