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Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria

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Wonderboom Airport

wonderboom-airport-pretoriaThe thought of a landing strip by the City Council of Pretoria (CCP) in the 1930s resulted in Wonderboom Airport opening for air traffic in 1937 and being the base for the Pretoria Light Aircraft Company (PLACO) plus the Pretoria Flying Club.

PLACO began training student pilots while the government took chartered flights. With the start of WW II the airport and aircraft were taken over for military purposes by the Department of Defence and virtually all civil aviation training ceased by 1940 and all military flight training actions from Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth being relocated to Wonderboom. From the duration of the war to March 1946 SA Air Force and Royal Air Force pilots were trained at Wonderboom, the perfect location, far from the war zone, with ideal weather conditions.

In 1945 and after the war the airport was handed back to the CCP that undertook major extensions, again utilising it for training, charters and aircraft maintenance. South Africa’s first black pilot, Cayasas Modisa accomplished his training at Wonderboom.

During 1960 a new terminal building, hangers and workshops were built, the runway extended and landing lights installed. The Pongola was the first Boeing 737 to land at Wonderboom. In 1993 the runway was again extended to 1,828m to facilitate larger aircraft.

The airport today has numerous companies located on-site that provide all aspects of aircraft maintenance including helicopters, flight training, fire fighting, aerial surveys and photography and skydiving.

Scheduled flights are available with Airlink for business and leisure travellers between Wonderboom Airport and Cape Town. Business people on short trips can take advantage of Villa San Giovanni Ristorante, hotel and conference facilities located at the airport. The distance from Wonderboom Airport (on public roads) to Pretoria is 15.75km and takes, travelling at a speed of 80km per hour, about 7 or 8 minutes.

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Travel Tips

  • Arrive at the airport well within the recommended time to avoid stress and especially if you want to reserve a favourite seat or arrange for extra luggage. Handling all your requirements online ensures a cheaper and more relaxed airport experience.
  • Keep your travel documents in safe place thats easily accessible.
  • While packing make a list of all items going into your check-in luggage excluding legal documentation, cash, jewellery or any items of value.
  • If your luggage is not unique, make sure it is easily identifiable with bright stickers, painted stripes or ribbons tied to the handle. This saves you time when retrieving it from the conveyor belt.
  • Weigh your carry-on and check-in luggage prior to arriving at the airport, avoiding delays, penalties and embarrassing situations.
  • Dont pack any items with sharp edges in your carry-on baggage or any objects that may be construed as dangerous, even toy weapons.
  • Prior to checking-in, always keep your luggage with you. Should you notice any unattended luggage or bags, report this to an airport representative or to the police.
  • Any special meals or assistance required must be made known to the airline within 48 hours of departure, ensuring a pleasurable flight.

Wonderboom Airport Contact Information

Address: 1st Floor, Terminal Building, Wonderboom Airport, Lintveld Road, Wonderboom
Postal: Wonderboom Airport, P O Box 53, Bon Accord, 0009
Telephone: +28 (0) 12 567 1188/9
Fax: +27 (0) 12 543 8119
Feedback: Forward completed form to:
Email: [email protected]
SMS: 079 653 5273

Transportation to and from the airport

Car Hire:
Rental companies operating from Wonderboom Airport comprise:
• Avis
• Budget
• Europcar