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Kulula flights to Johannesburg are readily available as this is one of the most popular routes in South Africa. Kulula are able to offer some really great Kulula specials on flights to Johannesburg. We have scanned more than 15 million flights to give you some of the cheapest in South Africa.


Cheapest Kulula Flights To JHB – One-way


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Cheapest Kulula Flights To Johannesburg – Return


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Popular Kulula Flights To JNB


Kulula Flights from Durban to Johannesburgfrom R490.00
Kulula Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburgfrom R679.00
Kulula Flights from East London to Johannesburgfrom R579.00
Kulula Flights from George to Johannesburgfrom R999.00



Which Day Is The Cheapest Kulula Flight Available To Johannesburg (JNB)?


Most Kulula flights to Johannesburg are cheapest on a Monday according to average booking costs. Obviously some routes are more and/or less expensive. The most costly day to fly this route with Kulula is Sunday.



Which Month Is The Cheapest Kulula Flight Available To JNB?


When flying to Johannesburg with Kulula you will get the cheapest flights in May. March, April and December are the most expensive months to fly this route.


Kulula Flight Times To Johannesburg

How long will my Kulula flight take to Johannesburg?


  • Kulula flights from Durban (King Shaka) to Johannesburg (OR Tambo) : 1 hour and 05 minutes
  • Kulula flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg : 2 hours
  • Kulula flights from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg : 1 hour and 35 minutes
  • Kulula flights from George to Johannesburg : 1 hour and 55 minutes
  • Kulula flights from East London to Johannesburg : 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Kulula flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg : 2 hours

Not only is Johannesburg Africa’s busiest city, but it’s also regarded as South Africa’s economic heart, and is the largest city by populace within South Africa. It’s the provincial capital of Gauteng. There are many Kulula flights to Joburg daily and, by comparing, each and every airline, we are able to offer you the cheapest Kulula Airlines flights to Joburg.



Kulula Flights To Johannesburg


There are a host of commercial opportunities for business travellers within the city, and those who prefer to travel for leisure purposes get to savour the fast-paced lifestyle that is widely recognized as being part of Johannesburg’s make-up.

In order to cater to the sheer number of visitors who head over to the commercial hub of the city, there are various Kulula flights  to Johannesburg offered daily to Johannesburg from various cities within South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, and George.

For the first-time visitor, they’ll notice the sheer size and scale of this extensive, fast-paced metropolis. Along with highways that travel on for mile after mile in every direction, as well as numerous urban and suburban areas which surround the central business district, everyone is catered to with respect to accommodation needs and activities, irrespective of budget and type of traveller.

Though by far the majority of visitors to the city are business travellers who are heading over to the City of Gold for conferences and business meetings, there’s still more than enough to satisfy the most eager tourist who is looking to sample some of the life in Africa’s largest commercial centre. There are shopping areas a-plenty, and a plethora of cultural events taking place throughout the entire year.

Those who are journeying from Cape Town, Durban, or George, making use of Kulula when flying to Johannesburg, can choose from several daily scheduled flights that are bound for Johannesburg and offer the most competitive of airfares together with superior customer service during the short flights that connect the three major cities within South Africa.

For international travellers, O.R. Tambo International Airport, located just outside the city boundaries, makes for the busiest airport in all of Africa. Flights arrive from all six continents worldwide on a daily basis.

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