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The Intercape bus service with over 200 stops is the biggest intercity passenger transport service in Southern Africa travelling to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique!

This flourishing long distance passenger bus service was started in 1971 by Namibian school teacherJohan Ferreira, with just one bus and called ‘Central Bus Service’. Within five years the company’s fleet had grown to five buses with a new name, Windhoek Bus Service. In 1979 Mr Ferreira established a second bus company in Cape Town, naming it Intercape that operated between Cape Town city and the airport. A successful application for intercity permits to transport passengers between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth was made in 1986 and saw Johann Ferreira Jnr. joining his father in business. Ferreira Jnr. took over management in 2008 and today, with an elite team of dedicated and skilled professionals that focus on quality training to ensurea continuously improved service in road safety, they are successfully providing passengers safe, affordable road transport throughout Southern Africa.


Passenger safety is a high priority and key element in the sustainability of the Intercape bus service. The company goes beyond merely adhering to safety standards required by law in more than one way.All Intercape buses are fitted with satellite tracking devices that are observed 24/7with drivers being continuously re-evaluated. All Intercape buses are fitted with ‘Drive Cams’ on windscreens for driver management and monitoring and before and after each trip, the driver undertakes a breathalyzer test for alcohol. Drivers are not permitted to travel faster than 95km/h and through passes, no more than 45km/h.


intercape bus


The contemporary Intercape bus fleet affords passengers the highest level of safety and comfort in passenger road travel. The buses are equipped with the latest technology, air-conditioning, heating, an on-board kitchen, specialised safety equipment, restroom facilities, audio and video entertainment systems, wonderfully soft reclining seating with individual safety belts, arm rests and reading lights.

Intercape’s Sleepliner fleet are top-of-the-range imported coaches that provide superb comfort, safety, performance and reliability with unrivalled new sleeper seating capable of reclining to 150 degrees with additional legroom, leg rests and safe baggage storage.

Intercape’s Mainliner traverses a large network of main towns and cities affording passengers a smooth, safe and comfortable journey in reclining seats with visual and audio entertainment and air-conditioning.

A joint venture established Intercape’s Pathfinder between Pathfinder Luxury Coaches (Pvt) Ltd (Zimbabwe) and Intercape Ferreira Mainliner (Pty) Ltd (South Africa). Pathfinder luxury buses service local routes within Zimbabwe,is integrated within Intercape’s route network, creating easy connections to and from numerous destinations in Zimbabwe.

Intercape’s Charter service geared specifically for local and international tour operators, corporations, schools, travel agents and private groups has a range ofluxury coaches that exceed world-class standards in comfort and safety with seating for 28 to 60 passengers, the latest technology and equipped with everything a passenger could need for a totally enjoyable journey.

Not only do Intercape buses safely transport passengers but additionally partake in reliable 48-hour Parcel delivery. For important documents or packages, utilise this service between Intercape’s offices throughout the country.


Intercape Bus Bookings

Travellers have three choices when making their Intercape bus booking with ticket options of Saver, Flexi or Full Flexi. The ‘Saver’ option is the most economical, but offers no discount or the option to reserve a seat. Flexi and Full Flexi cost a little more but offer greater flexibility including discounts and reservation of seats.

Taking an Intercape bus from Cape Town to Johannesburg on 9th August will have you departing at 10am, arriving at 4.45am on 10th August on a ‘Full Flexi’ ticket rate of R760, Flexi R690 or Saver for just R640. Check all options as fares differ with departure times.


Check online at, visit your nearest Intercape office or telephone the call centre on 021 380 4400 to get specific information regarding Intercape’s Saver, Flexi and Full Flexi ticket options, as they vary for cancellations, changes and rebooking and applicable fees.

Frequent travellers receive a 10% discount equal to their total purchases for every 10 tickets travelled. Students are entitled to a 5% saving, while senior citizens over 60 get 15% off. SAP and SANDF members have a 10% saving and children under 11 years, travelling with an adult on a Flexi or Full Flexi fare are entitled to a 15% saving. A family saving applies to 2 adults paying Full Flexi fares with at least 3 children that will receive a 50% discount with each additional child, qualifying for a 15% discount on a ‘Full Flexi’ fare. Children must be under 11 years of age.

Passengers may take free of charge, two items of luggage with each item not exceeding a total mass of 20kg or over 80x60x30cm in dimension. Prohibited are firearms, ammunition, fireworks or any flammable material. Intercape buses do not transport sports equipment, abnormal boxes or perishable items but may agree, for cross-border carriage, to carry unusual luggage. Luggage in excess of 20kg will incur an additional charge per kilogram. Cross-border passengers are advised to go online or contact the call centre for further information on baggage allowances.

Intercapebus bookings can be done with cash, debit or credit cards at any Intercape office, Shoprite or Checkers. Additionally travellers can utilise their Edgars or Jet card and if booking between August and December, stand a chance to win Edgars vouchers worth R2000 including a return Intercape ticket. When booking your ticket via the Intercape call centre, payment can be done with a bank deposit or online by an electronic fund transfer or credit card with card pick-ups at Pep, Shoprite or Checkers stores.

Children/Special Needs/Expectant Mothers/General

Be sure to check you have the necessary documentation when travelling across borders with minors.Children under the age of 12 years must have an adult over the age of 18 years accompany them. Those aged between 12 and 18 are only permitted to travel if the necessary indemnity form has been completed. An adult may carry one child, younger than 18 months on their lap. Pregnant passengers that are 28 weeks and further must produce a medical certificate while those who are 30 weeks or more, are not permitted to travel. Disabled or passengers with medical conditions are required to inform Intercape of their condition prior to travelling. It is obligatory for all passengers travelling in Intercape buses to engage in using their seat belts. Video material broadcast during your Intercape bus journey consists of family orientated material that promotes the Christian faith.

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