Flights from Johannesburg To London

Daily flights from Johannesburg (OR Tambo) to London are available from many airlines in South Africa. This is a very popular route for South African’s and tourists alike. Average flight time to London from Joburg is 11 hours and 15 minutes. Airlines depart from 2 airports in South Africa namely; O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) or Lanseria International Airport (HLA) and will land at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.


Book Cheap flights to London from Johannesburg

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RouteAirline LogoAirlineDepartureDestinationDeparture DateReturn DatePrice
Emirates Flights From Johannesburg To LondonEmiratesEmiratesJohannesburgLondon2024-05-142024-05-18R12789
Lufthansa Flights From Johannesburg To LondonLufthansaLufthansaJohannesburgLondon2024-05-272024-06-05R11339
British Airways Flights From Johannesburg To LondonBritish AirwaysBritish AirwaysJohannesburgLondon2024-05-082024-10-31R14989
Qatar Airways Flights From Johannesburg To LondonQatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysJohannesburgLondon2024-05-212024-05-28R12499
Ethiopian Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonEthiopian AirlinesEthiopian AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-05-212024-06-03R8899
Turkish Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonTurkish AirlinesTurkish AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-07-192024-08-14R12009
KLM Flights From Johannesburg To LondonKLMKLMJohannesburgLondon2024-07-082024-08-21R10079
Kenya Airways Flights From Johannesburg To LondonKenya AirwaysKenya AirwaysJohannesburgLondon2024-05-122024-05-19R11369
Air France Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir FranceAir FranceJohannesburgLondon2024-07-082024-08-21R10099
Virgin Atlantic Flights From Johannesburg To LondonVirgin AtlanticVirgin AtlanticJohannesburgLondon2024-05-212024-06-05R14119
Etihad Airways Flights From Johannesburg To LondonEtihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysJohannesburgLondon2024-06-032024-06-06R13789
Brussels Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonBrussels AirlinesBrussels AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-05-272024-06-05R12379
Swiss Flights From Johannesburg To LondonSwissSwissJohannesburgLondon2024-05-272024-06-05R10729
Egyptair Flights From Johannesburg To LondonEgyptairEgyptairJohannesburgLondon2024-05-222024-06-02R13269
South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg To LondonSouth African AirwaysSouth African AirwaysJohannesburgLondon2024-05-072024-05-29R21869
Rwandair Express Flights From Johannesburg To LondonRwandair ExpressRwandair ExpressJohannesburgLondon2024-05-062024-05-20R11209
Air Mauritius Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir MauritiusAir MauritiusJohannesburgLondon2024-05-242024-05-26R23629
Austrian Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAustrian AirlinesAustrian AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-05-272024-06-05R13959
United Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonUnited AirlinesUnited AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-04-292024-05-05R325969
SAS Flights From Johannesburg To LondonSASSASJohannesburgLondon2024-06-172024-07-07R80729
Air China Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir ChinaAir ChinaJohannesburgLondon2024-05-132024-05-27R28439
Saudi Arabian Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonSaudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi Arabian AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-05-112024-05-12R21899
TAAG Angola Airlines Flights From Johannesburg To LondonTAAG Angola AirlinesTAAG Angola AirlinesJohannesburgLondon2024-06-162024-06-27R34959
Air Algerie Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir AlgerieAir AlgerieJohannesburgLondon2024-08-012024-08-18R11759
Air Peace Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir PeaceAir PeaceJohannesburgLondon2024-05-192024-05-25R27469
Air Austral Flights From Johannesburg To LondonAir AustralAir AustralJohannesburgLondon2024-06-072024-06-13R31349

Where Do You Find Affordable Flights from Johannesburg to London?

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of options available to help you save money on your flights to London. One great way to find cheap flights is right here with us. We compare prices from different airlines, allowing you to choose the cheapest option in a matter of seconds.


Best time to book flights from OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg to London

To get the best deal, you should consider booking your flight from OR Tambo Airport to London at the optimal time. Here are three things to keep in mind when deciding when to book:

1. Plan ahead: Booking your flight at least six months in advance can often result in lower fares. This gives you more time to compare prices and find the best deals.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates: Flights tend to be cheaper on weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Additionally, flying during off-peak seasons, such as spring or fall, can help you save money.

3. Keep an eye out for promotions: Airlines often have special offers and discounts throughout the year. Signing up for newsletters or following airlines on social media can keep you informed about these deals.


How Long Are Johannesburg to London Flights?

The average flight time between OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg and London is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes. However, it’s important to note that this can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and airline schedules.

Despite the long duration, rest assured that your time spent on board will be comfortable and enjoyable. Many airlines offer a wide range of amenities and entertainment options to keep you entertained throughout the flight.



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Top 5 attractions in london

1. The British Museum: This world-renowned museum houses a vast collection of art and artifacts from around the globe, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.
2. The Tower of London: This historic castle is home to the Crown Jewels and has a dark and fascinating history as a royal palace, prison, and execution site.
3. The Buckingham Palace: The official residence of the British monarch, visitors can witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony and explore the magnificent State Rooms during the summer months.
4. The London Eye: This giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames offers breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and is a popular tourist attraction.
5. The Tate Modern: Located in a former power station, this contemporary art museum showcases a diverse range of international artworks and hosts temporary exhibitions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any direct flights available from Johannesburg to London?

Yes, there are direct flights available from Johannesburg to London. You’ll have the convenience of a non-stop journey, making your travel experience smoother and more efficient.


What is the average cost of a round trip ticket from Johannesburg to London?

On average, a round trip ticket from Johannesburg to London costs around R8999. This price can vary depending on the season and availability, so it’s best to book in advance for the best deals.


Are there any budget airlines that operate flights between Johannesburg and London?

Yes, there are budget airlines that operate flights between Johannesburg and London. They offer affordable options for those looking to travel on a budget while still experiencing the journey of belonging.


How far in advance should I book my flight to get the best deals?

To get the best deals on flights from Johannesburg to London, book your flight in advance. By doing so, you can secure lower prices and have more options available for your travel dates.


Are there any additional fees or charges that I should be aware of when booking a flight from Johannesburg to London?

When booking your flight from Johannesburg to London, be aware of potential additional fees and charges. Don’t let unexpected costs take you by surprise – stay informed and ensure a smooth journey ahead.