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When it comes to travelling, one of the largest factors travellers take into consideration is cost. Let’s face it. Regardless of where they live, people are finding that money is tight, and South Africa is no different. When you choose to FlySAA however, you have the opportunity to put a little more of your money back into your wallet.



It’s difficult for an airline to keep costs low. There are so many costs of operating an airline being the primary reason why; including the planes themselves, staff to operate the airline, and little do most people know – each plane has to pay a fee every time it lands at an airport. Still, there are a number of things that you can do when you flysaa to help keep costs lower. Considering the fact that South African Airway, sometimes referred to as fly saa or saa airlines, already offers an array of competitive rates to their extensive list of destinations, when you consider booking early, you can lock in on a lower ticket rate than you would otherwise be able to by booking a few days ahead of time.

Getting the best flight prices with FlySAA

Finding the best prices for Fly SAA flights no longer requires an effort on your part. We search millions of flights during the year to get you the best priced SAA flights from as little as R579 depending on avaiability. In the table below you can see the most popular Fly SAA searches during the year together with the prices our customers are getting through our site. Some of the more popular Flysaa routes are George to Cape Town and flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

Cheapest FlySAA Flights Prices – One-way

Cheapest FlySAA Domestic Flight Prices – Return Routes


Cheapest FlySAA International Flight Prices – Return Routes

Route Departure Date Return Date Airline Logo Airline Price
South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg To Harare 24 Nov 30 Nov South African Airways R2,239
South African Airways Flights From Maputo To Johannesburg 17 Dec 24 Dec South African Airways R3,919
South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg To Maputo 5 Jan 7 Jan South African Airways R3,929
South African Airways Flights From Gaborone To Lusaka 7 Dec 17 Dec South African Airways R6,279
South African Airways Flights From Cape Town To Kinshasa 10 Nov 14 Nov South African Airways R6,949
South African Airways Flights From Mauritius To Johannesburg 21 Nov 25 Nov South African Airways R7,969
South African Airways Flights From Maputo To Lusaka 29 Oct 5 Nov South African Airways R8,829
South African Airways Flights From Harare To Kinshasa 5 Nov 12 Nov South African Airways R9,599
South African Airways Flights From Port Elizabeth To Mauritius 23 Nov 30 Nov South African Airways R9,949
South African Airways Flights From East London To Mauritius 17 Nov 2 Dec South African Airways R10,209
Prices based on live searches up till 27 Oct 10:00 and are subject to change.
Another thing to remember when booking flights, is that you consider the opportunity to flysaa when travelling to international destinations. The airline flies to a number of international destinations as well as the standard domestic flights in South Africa. flysaa Investigate all of your choices carefully. If you choose to fly South African Airways, look at all of the options available to you. While it always seems to be more convenient to book a round-trip flight when you  are travelling, sometimes there are special offers where it makes more sense to book two separate one way flights when you flysaa.

South Africa’s Best flights:

When it comes to comfort, convenience and customer services however, you  would be hard-pressed to find any airline that would best SAA. Booking SAA flights on South African Airways is a breeze on the internet with websites like Domestic Flights South Africa. The easy-to-use interface can help you not only with booking a flight, but they can also help you to find a place to stay when you arrive at your destination, as well as assisting with car rental so that you are able to get around. The best part is that they are able to show you a comparison and allow you to choose from the options you are given. Back to the point though – South African Airways is by far the largest carrier in South Africa and they fly to more destinations than most carriers. In addition to the typical domestic flights that you will find with the airline, you can also fly to 38 international destinations world-wide.

The help from the flight attendants is unprecedented, and the airline is the only one in all of Africa to carry the coveted and prestigious ranking from Skytrax and has been awarded with 4-stars as the best airline in Africa. South African Airways, or flysaa is the winner, hands-down when it comes to domestic travel in South Africa and international travel worldwide.

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