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With the way the world’s economies are, each and every single saving is a worthwhile saving. Cheap domestic flights are hard to find. We are no longer happy to pay for flights without investigating various options. Some of us might visit many travel agencies whilst others will spend ages with travel agents on phone lines in order to find the best fares from domestic airlines.

More often than not, at the end of all this tedious price hunting, we end up right at the very beginning again, not having saved much. This is where we come in and empower you to find the cheapest flights in South Africa at the click of a button, right from the comfort of your own home or even whilst at work.

We provide you with a service second to none in that our cheapest flights comparison software is not restricted to a single supplier but the entire travel network. We find cheap domestic flights from South African Airways, Kulula Airlines, SA Airlink, SA Express and other low-cost airlines. This ensures that you receive the best deals on your flight around South Africa.

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Lanseria - Durban

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Joburg - East London

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Domestic Flight Booking

People are constantly on the go, booking a domestic flight from one place to the other from South African airlines. Business people often need to pack and leave within hours, while holidaymakers have more time to plan their trip. The great thing about flying domestically is that your travel dates aren’t affected by stopovers – you can fly from one destination to another on the same day.

First-time flyers should spend time on the internet in order to compare flights and find cheap flights from various airlines. That’ll give you a good idea as to how much you can expect to be paying for direct flights.

It’s never a good idea to book during peak holiday seasons or long weekends. You’ll notice that travel dates surrounding school holidays or religious events tend to spike in price. If you know you’d love to spend Easter with your family, book that ticket as far as six months in advance – you can now use the saved cash to buy all the Easter eggs your heart desires!

Book with us and save both time AND money!

Affordable Domestic Flights in South Africa

Scanning millions of flights during the year gives us the power to offer you the most incredible domestic flight options at affordable prices in South Africa. You can see in the table below what prices our customers are getting when they book cheap tickets on our platform. Our flight search engine is updated four times a day to give you the most accurate data in South Africa!


RouteAirline LogoAirlineDepartureDestinationDeparture DateReturn DatePrice
FlySafair Flights From Johannesburg To Cape TownFlySafairFlySafairJohannesburgCape Town2024-06-302024-07-03R1768
LIFT Flights From Johannesburg To Cape TownLIFTLIFTJohannesburgCape Town2024-07-232024-07-30R2238
Airlink Flights From Johannesburg To Cape TownAirlinkAirlinkJohannesburgCape Town2024-06-192024-06-22R2378
South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg To Cape TownSouth African AirwaysSouth African AirwaysJohannesburgCape Town2024-06-192024-06-21R1618
CemAir Flights From Johannesburg To Cape TownCemAirCemAirJohannesburgCape Town2024-06-272024-07-01R3358
FlySafair Flights From Cape Town To JohannesburgFlySafairFlySafairCape TownJohannesburg2024-06-222024-06-30R1768
LIFT Flights From Cape Town To JohannesburgLIFTLIFTCape TownJohannesburg2024-07-232024-07-30R2238
FlySafair Flights From Johannesburg To DurbanFlySafairFlySafairJohannesburgDurban2024-06-192024-06-20R1399
Airlink Flights From Cape Town To JohannesburgAirlinkAirlinkCape TownJohannesburg2024-07-192024-07-31R2258
South African Airways Flights From Cape Town To JohannesburgSouth African AirwaysSouth African AirwaysCape TownJohannesburg2024-06-192024-06-19R1658


At Domestic Flights South Africa we don’t only cater for the budget ticket seeker but also for the discerning traveller who seeks to book flights with low-cost subsidiary airlines. We encompass all airlines to ensure that you have the widest possible selection of airlines instantly.

We compare Mango Airlines, Kulula Airlines, Flysaa, FlySafair, British Airways, SA Express, SA Airlink and South African Airways within seconds – all you have to do is choose which domestic travel airline best suits your pocket.


The Search for Cheap Flights South Africa Has Never Been Easier

Whether you need cheap flights to Johannesburg whilst on a business trip or to one of the most popular destinations like Cape Town, we have them all. Many people will flock to Durban over the holidays, and guess what? We have that taken care of too. These three routes are the most popular but don’t despair as we do not restrict our searches to these domestic destinations. You can search for domestic flights to minor routes such as George, Port Elizabeth and many more.

No longer is finding the best rate on your flight to one of these destinations an effort. Try our online flight search engine, and we guarantee that you will be amazed at how easy it really is to book flights to these domestic destinations. You will see how simple it is to save time and money. In effect, you are really your very own travel agent. Away with the middleman!

There are 8 major airlines in the domestic flights market in South Africa, all offering their very own version of cheap domestic flights; whether it be cheap on price or affordable service offerings. Whatever the reason, it means that you save money on your domestic flight to these popular cities.

Mango Airlines are famous for their Mango Happy Days Sale, Kulula Airlines and SA Airlink often release low priced tickets and deals for a specific month, and South African Airways thrive on their service offerings. This variety of domestic flights could be widened even further with the possibility of more airlines entering our skies soon.

With numerous airlines to choose from, flying domestically in South Africa no longer needs to cost an arm and a leg. Besides the high cost of fuel and carnage on our roads, it’s undoubtedly safer travelling by air. Finding the cheapest domestic flights at short notice isn’t as costly as it used to be due to strong competition between airlines, all aggressively vying to provide the lowest flight prices and the best service to gain customers.


Flexible Travel Dates

People travelling on a regular basis from Cape Town to Joburg or planning their holiday ahead of time should register with all domestic airlines. Request their newsletters that provide first-hand awareness of any specials. Many domestic airlines offer special deals on specific routes, dates or on their birthdays while others have super one-day specials, where bookings must be made on that specific day, but for later travel.

Today passengers can first check the cost of a flight before actually booking. With the internet, information is just a fingertip away with travel specialists continuously updating information on prices, specials, urgent news flashes and especially flight schedules.

The great advantage of the internet is that prices between various airlines can be compared by simply clicking on a cheap flight on our site, entering your departure and return date and pressing search. Before you know it, you’ll have a list of flights, starting at the top from the cheapest fare and with which airline. You can then compare options that offer a great deal with cheap domestic flights.

Surfing online is no difficult feat enabling people to glean information on forthcoming specials and finding travel inspiration. For first-time flyers, viewing seating plans and availability of seating for a specific aircraft assists them in deciding exactly where to sit on their first, exciting departure flight. You also have the freedom of booking return flights at a later stage at no extra cost.


Tips on Finding Cheap Local Flights in South Africa

There are many different tips and tricks to finding the cheapest airline tickets. To ensure you get cheap domestic flights, follow the easy guidelines below:

  • First and foremost, have a notebook and patience as some information can be new for first-time flyers. Check each low-cost airline on our site for specials, check out departure and arrival times, check if there is a free baggage allowance and if airport taxes are included in the overall fare.
  • Plan ahead and purchase your airline tickets months in advance for cheaper fares. And if you’re aware of certain airlines selling tickets for next to nothing on their birthday, and your plans are after that date, diarise it for the night before, so you’re first in line to phone or go online the moment sales open.
  • If you have an emergency and need to fly as soon as possible, check online with the various airlines for a possible package deal that’s inexpensive. You can also go directly to the airport, speak to the airline staff who can be understanding, and go on stand-by affording you a seat for a late cancellation or no-show.
  • Receiving newsletters via email is vital. You’re kept up to date on changes, discounted flights, including other specials. For example, Mango might have extended their flight special to the end of December.
  • Booking online often avoids an additional cost imposed when booking through the call centre, at a branch, travel agency, or an airport desk.
  • Be flexible with your return date; one or two days sooner or later can make a difference in the price you pay. Travel dates play a large part in cheap air tickets – because some days are less popular than others, airlines aim at selling discount flights to encourage travel on that day.


Flying within South Africa has never been cheaper since FlySafair took to the sky, perhaps not as cheap as those old midnight flights with South African Airways but still a lot less. We’ve seen numerous airlines come and go, but the present three low-cost airlines below, are undoubtedly here to stay:

  • FlySafair
  • Kulula Airlines
  • Mango Flights

If you have no alternative but to get the cheapest flight possible, start searching these three airlines first that offer standard class, in-flight meals, check-in luggage allowance but importantly, a safe and comfortable flight. This is how they manage to maintain low-cost airfares, by flying with no frills. Snacks and refreshments can be purchased on board, usually for cash only.

When surfing online, always check what partner companies are affiliated with the airline, many are linked with hotels, banks, insurance companies, and car hire groups. If you’re a member of one, you could find yourself earning miles, points, or a discount.

Passengers can use SAA Voyager Miles to book cheap Mango flights (but not visa-versa) or gain discounts from Mango’s partnerships with Avis and Tempest car hire and the Tsogo Sun group of hotels.

You can purchase your cheap Mango ticket at a Shoprite/Checkers store, if unable to do so online. Should you be desperate with no cash, book your cheap Mango flight via one of seven Edcon stores such as Jet, or CNA on account with no interest over six months.

Mango additionally has partnerships with the Momentum Multiply Program and Sanlam Reality, entitling you to discounts. FlySafair has an association with First Car Rental while Kulula has had a long-time partnership with Europcar.


The Search for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

The best seating on low-cost flights is the first to go, so it helps to book in advance, and as the flight fills up, prices can escalate. If you’re tall and really need that extra legroom, pre-book your extra-legroom seat for an additional cost.

Booking last-minute flights in South Africa over long weekends or holidays is not going to get you the cheapest low-cost flight. Rather, cheaper flights can be booked weeks in advance. This also gives you some leeway when it comes to opening yourself up to African airline specials to holiday destinations like Cape Town or business trips to Port Elizabeth.


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