How do we actually decide on which airline to fly? For many South Africans’ cheap flights are the main determining factor but we have compiled a list which we believe will impact your future decisions.

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  • Compare and select online

    – You don’t need to rely on the travel agent anymore to make choices but you do need to do the legwork and research that your travel agent once did. We conveniently offer this service right here at Domestic Flights South Africa

  • Choose your airline based on price

    – If you’re heavily price conscious because you’re on a strict budget, then budget airlines are probably your main, if not only, choice. Our main low cost airlines in South Africa are Mango Airlines, Kulula, South African Airways and British Airways.

  • Expect increased price to bring increased convenience

    – If you’re the type of person who likes flying at the last minute, or needs to fly longer distances, you’ll need to pay more. In turn, however, you’ll get the convenience of larger aircraft that can accommodate last minute requests, more room for you and your luggage, and longer distances.

  • Safety Record

    – bear in mind the safety of yourself and your loved ones when choosing which airline to fly. Towards the end of their life in South Africa, 1Time had many mechanical issues which was due to their diminishing budget.


Based on the above factors we cannot actually name an airline that really stands out above the rest. The result will completely depend on you and your preferences. What we can tell you is that by using our comparison booking engine when making a booking, you are always guaranteed to find the cheapest flights right here with us.


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