Discovering the rainbow nation involves a breath taking out of body experience of the untarnished landscapes, wild country and animal life of this multi faceted nation. South Africa is regarded as a natural gem of the plentiful African continent. It has a number of natural attractions with a treasure trove of game reserves and wildlife. South Africa is blessed with over 200 different species of wildlife.

The big 5 of South Africa

The big five are the best known mammals of South Africa composed of rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard. The Kruger National Park has well above 20,000 buffaloes and 10,000 elephants. South African conservationists have not allowed civilisation’s expansion be borne by flora and fauna. The white rhino has been brought back from the edge of extinction and is now in a flourishing state at various national parks and reserves. The black rhino is now thus again in focus and work is on to replenish their numbers. Among the big cats the lion now remains confined primarily to conservation areas due to ever expanding civilisation. The cheetah the speed king can be found dashing in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park of Northern Cape as well as the North West and KwaZulu Natal province reserves among others.

Safari tour of the large & exotic animals

Safaris are year round affair here. However, much attention is now showered on large animals as the Zebra, Kudu, Giraffe, Gnu (the famous wildebeest) and kudu. Interested travellers and wildlife enthusiasts are much excited by sightings of lesser exotic animals such as tsessebe which is believed to be a Wildebeest relative as well as Livingstone’s antelope or Suni which is a forest dweller with a somewhat shy predisposition. A wildlife challenge can be the viewing of all the seven species of the South African elephant shrew.

200 plus species of wild animal

200 plus species of wild animal life, makes South Africa a wild life lovers limitless delight. There are primates such as vervet, nocturnal bushbabies and samango among many. The chacma babbons have however become infamous due to certain house raiding antics as a consequence of loss of habitat. South Africa also has a very diverse aquatic wild life. It homes the world’s largest mammal the blue whale which can have a length of up to 33 metres. However, of the eight different types of whales, the southern right whale is the most viewed due to the imposing creature often indulging coastal bays for calving and thereby affording a spectacular land based view. The nation has a vast variety of bird life as well as is home to crocodiles and various other types of reptiles.
South Africa is truly where the wild comes alive in the form of a real life three dimensional mode. It gives you a chance of experiencing an exclusive African adventure amidst the wild bushes where one goes to sleep and wakes up to the roar of lions.