Holiday planning for the family or simply having a penchant for the unexplored has one thing in common. Everyone wants almost everything for almost nothing. South Africa is a great getaway destination. One can travel to Johannesburg and check out the famous Apartheid Museum or the Jo’Burg Zoo. If that is not enough, one can even catch flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg to savour for instance the taste of the famous Long Street by the night. All this and more for a steal, if perchance one is travelling by South African airways. Johannesburg offers a chance at Big 5 viewing and Flea Markets (such as Bruma and Rooftop markets) which apart from the lovely products also serve as windows, veritable at that into the soul of the local culture.

A few useful points to keep in mind while making the air travel plans for South Africa is:

  1. By taking a Direct Flight which usually take around 12 Hours and also prove cheaper compared to connecting.
  2. South African Airways among a few others fly non-stop to both Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  3. One would be well advised to make advance bookings as flight prices tend to rise during school holidays.
  4. For an outsider or even a local, usually the best way to secure a cheap flight is to make use of an online Flight comparison tool.

These online travel planners provide a one window resolution to all the planning.

The country has a wide landscape and many hence end up spending an extended period of time. Attractions such as constitution Hill (Old Fort prison site and South Africa constitutional court seat) and Carlton centre observation deck (provides a breathtaking view of Pretoria, Johannesburg and the neighbouring landscape). Thus, travelling costs need to be kept in a check. Many thus opt for packaged deals. They contain everything from Airport to Hotel travel, rental cars for local commuting as well as boarding and lodging.

How to secure the best possible rates?

For cheap intra country travel, cheap flights south Africa is an useful tool for securing the best possible rates for the travel plans which one has, from among the various airlines operating. It is a simple process where by providing dates of desired travel and destinations, one can choose the best options possible. This becomes essential if after a look at the Nelson Mandela and Hector Pieterson memorial museum as well as the market Theatre and Museum Africa nearby you feel like having a family safari or a romantic getaway at the Eastern Cape.

South Africa is a nation which is rich not only in flora and fauna but has also a diverse culture. Home to one of the greatest statesman of all time, Mr. Nelson Mandela, South Africa has a past so fascinating, it will leave you spell bound and awe struck. Further, when traversing it, even today air travel is considered a preferred mode as compared to road and rail travel.