South Africa, lovingly called the Rainbow Nation, is a small and vibrant country, with extremely diverse cultures. It is graced with one of the best wildlife ecosystems in the world. Its Kruger National Park houses some of the most endangered species, such as black rhinoceros, honey badgers, cheetahs, and wild dogs.

The biggest attraction for the numerous visitors that flock to the country is the wildlife safari. In addition, the country is home to the most pristine beaches and places of historic significance.

If you’re looking for a holiday with diverse landscapes and no shortage of things to do, South Africa should be at the top of your list. You can find various cheap flights from Mango airlines, Kulula airlines, and FlySafair to fly into the country.

If you don’t want to be burdened by unexpected expenses, it’s often best to get travel insurance. We’ll go through why, how, and what to look out for below.

What Do You Need To Travel to South Africa


There are certain document requirements without which you will not be allowed to enter South Africa.

International Travel Insurance For South Africa

South Africa is an adventurous country. Nothing should stop you from participating in all the sporting and adventurous options it has to offer.

While indulging in the various adrenaline-pumping activities, you wouldn’t want any hiccups or unexpected incidents to diminish your enjoyment. If something were to go wrong, you may have to shell out hundreds or even worse, thousands of dollars from your pocket.

If you’d like to avoid adventure sports altogether, there may still be times when you might miss a flight, lose your luggage, face cancellations, be involved in an accident, or develop a health emergency. In order to secure yourselves from these risks financially, it is advisable to get a travel insurance policy.

With the right plan, you can leave all the hassles to the travel insurance consultants, and be relaxed that all financial emergencies will be taken care of.

What Considerations Are Important While Deciding on An Insurance Plan?


Insurance policies and plans depend on various factors. There are different options available for business travellers as compared to individuals and families. Some companies offer special features to students!

The most important factors to consider before selecting your plan are :

  • All the destinations you are travelling to, apart from South Africa

  • Number of days you are travelling for

  • Number of people you are travelling with

There are lots of cheap travel insurance plans available. Family policies are even cheaper than buying individual ones, providing the same coverage for lesser premiums. The plans also vary depending on the age of the travellers. Premiums tend to go up for the elderly.

What Does South Africa Travel Insurance Cover?


While each policy is different, most of them provide coverage for the following things:

  • Personal Accident

  • Flight delays

  • Loss of baggage

  • In-transit damage to personal belongings

  • Legal Issues

  • Medical expenses

  • Hospitalization costs

  • Trip cancellation or interruption

  • Injuries during sports and activities – this varies from company to company

Make sure to check whether medical travel insurance in South Africa is covered by your policy. In some cases, insurance companies take liability for only basic medical problems.

It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand completely what is covered and what is not.

Exclusions To Watch Out For

While relying on travel insurance, it is easy to take things for granted. But there are certain criteria that you must fulfil to be eligible for the claim. Try to account for an emergency fund in your South Africa travel costs, so as to not struggle if your claim gets rejected.

Insurance companies are usually not liable in the following events:

Leaving Luggage Unattended


If you leave your luggage unattended and it gets stolen or damaged, your insurance company might reject your claim.

Not Taking The Required Vaccination

Travelling to South Africa requires that you get vaccinated against certain diseases prior to your trip. In the event that you fail to do so, and end up contracting one of those diseases, the insurer might refuse to reimburse you.

Dangerous and Extreme Sports

Most insurance companies offer coverage for a number of adventure sports, but they refrain from the more dangerous and extreme ones.

You can check with your insurer if they provide coverage for these at a little extra cost. But if not, you will not be able to claim for any mishaps related to such activities.

Engaging In Illegal Activity or Reckless Behaviour


In order to successfully claim your insurance, you need to prove to the company that you were acting responsibly. If an incident results from you displaying reckless behaviour or engaging in any sort of illegal activity, your insurer will not be liable.

You will also not be covered if you happen to be intoxicated in terms of alcohol or drugs during the time of the incident.

Pre-existing Conditions

If you’re suffering from pre-existing medical conditions and a complication develops during the trip, the insurance company might choose to reject the claim. That is if it’s not specifically included in your coverage

In Conclusion – Travel Insurance for South Africa


It’s not anyone’s preference to anticipate the number of things that can go wrong on a trip. You don’t want to ruin your fun even before it starts. But it’s important to plan for emergencies. Especially if you’re travelling with your family and kids.

It’s always a good idea to opt for travel insurance while visiting any country, not just South Africa. It lets you minimize your losses and helps pay for unaccounted incidents with minimum hassle.

Why bear the costs of events that are not your fault when you have the option of claiming from your insurer?