Located on the shore of Table Bay, Cape Town is the second largest and the most populated city in South Africa after Johannesburg. Originally established as the first permanent settlement of the European colonies, Cape Town quickly outgrew its primary purpose and now is one of the most popular economic and cultural hubs of the Cape Colonies. Having a firm position among the list of the world’s most multicultural cities, Cape Town is a major tourist destination with almost 2 million footfalls every year.

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Know the famous destinations in and around town and why they are a must visit for all.

  • The Castle Of Good Hope

Castle of Good HopeThe oldest building in the history of South Africa, the Castle of Good Hope is an embodiment of everything that makes the cape of South Africa the Cape of Good Hope. Once a fort, the castle is now an exhibition of the history and the secret’s of the early days and how the city came into being the most visited city in South Africa and much of the world.

From famous William Fehr Collection to many state of the art statues and monuments, the Castle Of Good Hope is simple a must visit for all culture and history lovers. Visit it anytime from Monday to Friday around 10 to 12 to have a spectacular show of its Key Ceremony that precedes the Signal Cannon. The Carriage ride along the perimeters is simply a must.

  • Melkbosstrand


You can’t leave Cape Town without visiting this beach. Melkbosstrand is the most famous beach in the whole of South Africa and it has every reason to be so. Earmarked with 7 kilometers of white sand beach, Melkbosstrand also known as milkwood beach is the very first village that you will encounter while driving north from Cape Town along the Cape’s West Coast. Marked by the cool turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean, this beach is an ideal location for spending a vacation with family or friends while surfing or crayfishing.

• Vergelen Wine Estate

Vergelen Wine EstateAlthough the name roughly translates to ‘situated far away’, the Vergelen Wine Estate is only 40 minute drive from the Cape Town Centre. Known for its beautiful and out of the world grape wine, Vergelen estate is something you should go simply to enjoy the magnificent landscape.


• Llandudno and Sandy Bay

Llandudno and Sandy BayRemarkable for its arch of fine white sand and its secluded location, Llandudno is the second most beautiful beach in the whole of South Africa. The water is translucent, the sky is crystal blue, the place away from the hum and buzz of traffic, Llandudno is also know for some of its spectacular sunsets.