If you don’t own an international passport, chances are that travelling to new and exciting destinations costs you a little more than some other fortunate travellers. South Africans tend to have it quite tough when it comes to travelling abroad, but there are actually many places that you can travel visa-free.We will get to that a little later though.

As a South African, you might think that your passport isn’t worth much. Well, it makes for a pretty good paperweight,but what else is it really good for? Everywhere you want to go (and we mean really want to go) needs you to apply for a visa and those visa costs are often ill-affordable.

The good news is that if your international flight departs from one of the major airports such as Cape Town or Johannesburg and you need to fly from your hometown, airport, with such low Mango flight prices at the moment, you should still have enough to spare for those pricey visas!

That being said, we need to give you the lowdown on visa costs for SA travellers, so that you know what to expect when planning your trip. While we can’t cover it all, we can cover the top few. Here’s what you need to know:

Visas South Africans Need to Travel to the UK

If you plan to visit the UK, you will need to get a visitor’s Visa. If you have family living in the UK, your visa requirements will be different to a once-off visit. What’s great is that once you have your visitor visa to the UK, you can hop over to visit Scotland and Ireland without the need for any additional visa!

For the standard UK visitor’s visa, you have the following options.

• Six-month visitor visa – R1601
• Two-year visitor visa – R6026
• Five-year visitor visa – R10 950
• Ten-year visitor visa – R13 739

(Please note that these prices are correct at time of publishing). As we mentioned, with cheap Mango flight prices to connect you to international departure airports, these visa costs are a little more affordable!

Visas South Africans Need to Travel to the US

While Donald Trump is keeping a close eye on his borders, you should be able to visit the USA if you apply for the right visitor visa and have no intention of immigrating to the country!

A tourist visa for South Africans wanting to visit the USA is called a Non-immigrant Visa and in order to apply, you must submit a DS-160 form to the US consulate in either Cape Town or Durban. The US consulate in Pretoria does not offer consulate services.

The cost of a US tourist visa is USD160 which comes to around R2100 (depending on the exchange rate at the time of application – Please note that these prices are correct at time of publishing).

Visas South Africans Need to Travel to Europe

If you are planning to book cheap flights to Europe, you are going to need to apply for a Schengen Visa. Those in possession of a Schengen Visa can travel to the country for up to 90 days in a 6-month period.

South Africans need a Schengen Visa to visit the following countries:

• Austria
• Belgium
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland

While prices changeaccording to age and location(correct at time of publishing), here is what to expect in terms of costs:

• Short stay of fewer than 90 days: R885
• Long stay of more than 90 days: R1460
• Children between 6 and 2 years: R369

Forget the Visa! Travel to these Visa Free Destinations instead

If you still think that visa prices are a bit steep, you don’t have to bite the bullet and take on the cost.

As a South African passport holder, you can visit 102 countries without a visa. Here is our pick of the top 20, and best of all, we can find you cheap flights to these destinations too!

• Reunion Island
• Republic of Ireland
• Indonesia
• Hong Kong
• Fiji
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Chile
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• Panama
• Peru
• Venezuela
• Costa Rica
• Botswana
• Lesotho
• Senegal
• Tanzania

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