Are you looking for a whole new dining experience? Can we tempt you to forget about the expensive fine dining restaurants in the city centre and take a trip across the country to enjoy the best seafood dishes you have ever had? We sure think we can!

In case you haven’t yet heard, people are calling the Wolfgat restaurant the “West Coast Wonder” and it is time that you found out why! Now is the time to book flights to Cape Town and discover the best place to enjoy award-winning seafood dishes in the surrounding area. Let’s head to Paternoster to see and taste fish and other seafood dishes done right!

The Western Cape has  “The Best Restaurant in the World”

At the World Restaurant Awards held in Paris in February 2019, Wolfgatwas named “The best restaurant in the world”! Not bad for a quaint 20-seater secret nestled on the coastline of Paternoster. As far as seaside restaurants go, Wolfgat is claiming first prize.

Meeting Kobus van der Merwe, the passionate chef and host of Wolfgat, will prove reason enough to book flights to Cape Town and head on down to Paternoster. He runs his restaurant from a revamped fisherman’s cottage that oozes with, providing an intimate experience for diners who travel from far and wide to get a glimpse and a taste of what Kobus serves up fresh off the hook and straight from the earth. And what he serves up is rumoured to be exceptional.

The Wolfgat Restaurant Difference

There is nothing ‘standard’ about a meal at Wolfgat. The menu changes according to the season, the weather, and what Kobus forages from the coastline each day.

Kobus takes his inspiration from the fresh ingredients and catches along the coastline which gives the menu the edge that large restaurant chains simply can never achieve. It’s personal. What you enjoy today might not even be on the menu tomorrow, and that is what is truly unique about dining at this little restaurant.

What Wolfgat lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in terms of quality, value for money, and atmosphere.

What is in a name?

This seaside gem was aptly named after the nearby Wolfgat cave which is steeped in culture and history.

The early history of the coastline stirs up an unusual creativity in Kobus giving him the inspiration to create the original dishes that feature on his menu. Hand-picked dune spinach, soutlaai, seaweed and various other indigenous plants and herbs – are just a few of the unusual offerings that you will find on the menu at Wolfgat.

Kobus doesn’t limit his talents to Wolfgat either. He also owns another restaurant in Paternoster called OepveKoep which he warmly welcomes his patrons to visit.

Other Things to do in Paternoster

While booking flights to Cape Town to visit the Wolfgat restaurant is reason enough, you really should plan to spend some time exploring the area of Paternoster.

Found on the west coast of South Africa, Paternoster isjust 145km north of Cape Town and is one of the oldest fishing villages in the Western Cape. Paternoster is an authentic fishing village with little to no pretences.

While there are some guest houses and holiday homes, the area is run by the locals and is alive with Cape Coloured culture. It has a bustling fish market and outrageously entertaining padstal owners, all surrounded by the quaint scenes of brightly coloured fishing boats bobbing along the shoreline.

Paternoster is not just another seaside village along South Africa’s coastline. There is something different about this town.

Relatively unscathed by the tourist hype, you can relax on the beach without being harassed by hawkers. You can enjoy authentic seafood dishes without the pomp and ceremony of a buzzing tourist-geared city. And the locals are genuinely warm and welcoming, but prepare for them to take an interest in you! Spending time in Paternoster is the perfect way to have a little retreat from a busy and demanding lifestyle and to enjoy the coastline in a natural, relaxed way.

When visiting Paternoster, consider doing the following:

  • Visit Cape Columbine Lighthouse to explore the nature reserve, check out the lighthouse and do a little camping.
  • Enjoy an afternoon of birdwatching. There are said to be over 255 bird species in the Paternoster area.
  • Visit the Stone Fish Studio and Art Galleryand spend some time in the art museum.
  • Enjoy a few hours of snorkelling or diving at Paternoster Beach.
  • While away a few hours browsing around the Patina Bazaar.
  • Soak up some sun at Mosselbank Beach.
  • Spend some time and money snapping up quirky bargains at The Dune Shop and Magrietjie. Here you will find antiques, gifts, jewellery and trinkets.
  • Enjoy a horse riding experience with Drikus Horse Trails on Langstrand Beach.
  • Enjoy sundowners at Bekbaai Beach (don’t forget your camera!).
  • Enjoy a picnic as you watch the dolphins frolic from within the Groot Paternoster Nature Reserve.
  • Knock back a few beverages, and people watch with the locals. Best place to do this is at the Panty Bar which is inside the Paternoster Hotel.
  • Hire a beach buggy and drive along the coastline.
  • Create your very own artisanal beer at the Paternoster Brewery.

Paternoster might not be the biggest town in the Western Cape, but it certainly hasan enormous amount of charm! Anyone who spends time in this remote fishing town quite simply falls in love with it and wishes to return. Beware, Paternoster may very well steal your heart!

Book Flights to Cape Town & Explore the Coast Line

Whether you book flights to Cape Town simply to experience the best of fish restaurants along the coast, or to explore, relax and unwind while on a seaside retreat, you won’t be disappointed if you dedicate some of your time to a visit to Paternoster.

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