South Africa’s brewers are crafty with beers


When you book cheap domestic flights in South Africa, chances are you’re keen to check out some of the country’s most unique spots. While the mountains, markets and museums are indeed distinctive to South Africa, the country also boasts some rather unique craft beer breweries.

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There’s no secret that South African’s love their beer and regardless of the season, there is always a time and a place for a nice, cold crisp beer.

While Cape Town is considered the country’s paradise when it comes to craft beer, there are many other hidden spots where you can enjoy a nice cold one with family, friends or even yourself. Why go to a regular old fashioned brewery when you can go to one that really does push the boundaries? Here’s a look at some of South Africa’s most innovative and zany craft beer breweries.


1. The Saggy Stone Brewing Co – Nuy Valley, Cape Town


Plum orchards, the towering Langeberg Mountains and a rustic appeal like no other, the Saggy Stone brewpub will not disappoint. This is considered a microbrewery and is run by Philip and Adrian Robinson, a pair of beer-loving brothers. The gorgeous view will try to distract you, but you are still guaranteed to simply love the selection of tapas, burgers, and of course, beers. What’s different about this beer is that pure mountain spring water and an all-grain brewing method is used in production, and you can taste it!

There are 5 craft beers to choose from, so you should taste them all. Some popular favourites are the Big Red Ale and the California Steam Lager.

Open Friday – Monday and Public Holidays from 11am to 4pm


2. Triggerfish Brewing Co – Somerset West, Cape Town



This brewery was started up in Somerset West and is the epitome of craft. Delectable creations are made for your enjoyment and a visit to Trigger Fish is worth every minute. The brewery offers 9 beers, each with extremely different flavours which range from wooded to coffee-infused. The selection is considered “out there” but loved by all who taste them.

Some firm favourites have been reported to be the Sweetlips Blonde Ale and the Ocean Potion American Pale Ale. Triggerfish Brewers have certainly tapped into a new market so to speak. If you’re going for some beer, you should also try out some of their unusual wine blends, artisan schnapps and delicious menu treats.

Open Monday – Saturday from 8am to 9pm. Tours of the brewery are done by appointment only


3. The Franschhoek Beer Co – Cape Town


Reuben Riffel, a celebrity chef with a knack for creating taste sensations commands the kitchen at the Franschhoek Beer Co which seems to have created the classiest beers found in the scenic Franschhoek Valley. Head brewer, Olaf Morgenroth is responsible for the brewing at this Beer Co and so far his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. At the 2017 SANBT awards, the company won awards for their Three Oaks Craft Lager and their Stout.

What’s unique about the craft beer here is that the company has a somewhat holistic approach to brewing, using mountain spring water, malted barley, yeast and hops. There are 4 labels to choose from which range from bold and chocolatey to light and summery. If you are in the area, make sure you stop by!

Open only by appointment.

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4. SMACK Republic – Downtown Johannesburg



This is probably one of the trendiest breweries found in Johannesburg. The company truly believes that beer making is an art form and you can taste it in their award-winning range. Artisan beer has never tasted so good and they seem to have the trendy branding to match.

SMACK Republic beers are all about innovation and it comes as no surprise that beer ingredients include the likes of bourbon, naartjie, honey and even rooibos. Flavours are bold, crisp, and refreshing. Some firm favourites include the Bree Street Belle Golden Ale and the Newton Nemesis Milk Stout.


Open: The brewery is currently relocating so watch this space @SMACKRepublic for opening news


5. The Dog & Fig Brewery – Parys, Free State

The Dog & Fig Brewery-Parys-Free State


If you are looking for a laid back venue to enjoy with the family, The Dog & Fig Brewery just outside Parys is the place to go. The bar is very lounge-esque with a warm and welcoming appeal. The laid back atmosphere should not mislead you though as the food is delectable and the beers are well worth the trip. If you want a little fun, participate in the bar pairing and tasting activities and demonstrations.

The difference at this brewery is that their beers are designed to be slowly enjoyed. The brewing process isn’t elaborate and involves malted barley, water and hops which creates an unfiltered, crisp taste that’s absolutely enjoyable. Some favourites spoken of include the Sturdy Stout and the Wicked Weiss.

Open Sunday – Thursday from 10am to 6pm and Friday – Saturday from 10am to 10pm

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6. 1000 Hills Brewing Co – Bothas Hill, KZN

1000 Hills Brewing Co-Bothas Hill-KZN


This brewery is one that doesn’t hold back in terms of quirky appeal and delicious beers. Students who study at the 1000 Hills Chef School take advantage of the opportunity to craft some of the most artistic beers here. The beers pair well with their delicious meals served and if you are a beer-lover, you can get a tour of the brewery with the head brew master, Trevor Maarschalk himself.

What makes these craft beers so unique is that there are no preservatives used in the brewing process, and the flavours are quite extensive from coppery to bold and heavy. There are 5 pale ales including the following: The Cheerleader, The Graduate, The Fes, The Dean, and The Quarterback. All this and a stunning view of the valley…it’s a must-see.

Open Friday to Sunday from 8.30am to 4pm

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Whether you are booking cheap international or domestic flights in South Africa to Cape Town, Johannesburg, or Durban, there are craft beers aplenty waiting for you to try out! Book your flights now and prepare for a truly South African taste sensation.