Until the introduction of low-cost airlines many South African citizens would have chosen travelling by car as a matter of due course. Thankfully along came Mango Airlines, Kulula Airlines and 1Time Airlines who are South Africa’s main low-cost carriers. There is also South African Airways and British Airways however these flight operators usually come in slightly more expensive in price so people who are looking for cheap flights in particular will not consider such airlines.

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Many destinations to choose from

There are many destinations to choose from when seeking a domestic flight within South Africa. The three most popular domestic destinations are Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. There are also domestic flights to destinations such as Port Elizabeth, George, East London and many others. All of these destinations are included in our massive search engine database which allows us to consistently deliver affordable flight prices and, more recently, car hire and hotel booking facilities.

Why us?

Our staff are not only on the lookout for South African domestic flights but international flights as well. We are a worldwide tour operator who bring you flight, car and hotel savings on a daily basis. So, forget about getitng in your car to make a trip to Durban or Cape Town if you live in Johannesburg. Simply fill in our simple to sue booking form and you will be relaxing with your feet up at the coast before you know it AND, with change in your pocket. No more tolls to pay, no hefty petrol bills along the road and, get this, no wear and tear of your car.