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South African Airways Online Check InSouth African Airways proudly boasts the title of the most awarded African airline. This is not at all surprising as the affordable airline’s refreshingly transparent corporate values focus on issues of accountability, integrity, safety and achieving all round excellence in performance.

Just one of the ways this award winning airline is keeping itself ahead of the curve is the introduction of a hassle-free mobile and online check in system (along with two other check in methods). The South African Airways Online Check In is available to most customers, whether their bookings were made through the airline itself or via a reputable travel agency.


What are the benefits of using South Africa Airways Online Check In?

Travellers who decide to take advantage of the online check in system will find that there are several significant benefits, including:

Ability to avoid airport check-in queues

Many travellers agree that the most tedious and stressful part of flying by air is the check in process. The lines are often painfully long and can be even more difficult to navigate for families with children. Online check in removes this problem by allowing customers to bypass these lines and go straight to luggage check in or the departure lounge.

Avoid traffic-related stress

A huge concern of travellers making their way to the airport is traffic. If customers haven’t checked in two hours before their flight, the airline has the right to cancel their itinerary and resell the flight. In the past, this meant that individuals stuck in traffic or waiting for taxis could miss their flights. With mobile and online check-in, travellers have the ability to print their bookings as early as twenty four hours before the flight and as late as two hours before take-off. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until you reach the airport to confirm your position on the flight.

Select your own seating

If you’re picky about where you’re seated on the plane, using online check in can help you get the seat you want before someone else snatches it up. If you regularly experience air sickness, for example, it may be important for you to request an aisle seat.
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So, for busy travellers who can’t afford to be delayed and families who want to avoid the stress of being stuck in a long check in queue, South African Airways online check in provides an excellent solution. Try it today and experience the difference.