Go Big in Japan from 20 September 2 November – The Rugby World Cup 2019

With the FIFA World Cup firmly in the hands of France, the attentions of sports enthusiasts are already focussed on the next big thing – the Rugby World Cup 2019. Match tickets will be going on sale on September 19, a date to diarise if you want in on the rugger action next year. If you’re hoping for cheap flights to Japan, now is as good a time as any to make your bookings.

Excitement is already at fever pitch for this event, with many loyal All Blacks fans backing the New Zealand team for its 3rd successive World Cup victory. Ireland also appears to be in with a shout, and there’s no telling which underdog side will emerge Croatia-like during the tournament.

rugby world cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool


Whichever side is your favourite or becomes the apple of your eye during the tournament, you’re bound to get more satisfaction out of the next World Cup if you get to experience it first-hand. Apart from the on-field shenanigans, there will be lots on the go in the Land of the Rising Sun during September next year.

Be There

Step one is getting there. Flights to Japan will become a scarce commodity in the final months. Japan takes on Russia at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City, in the opening game on 20 September 2019, while the Bokke will run out against New Zealand on 21 September.

Book your flights to Chofu as soon as you can if you want to enjoy the thrill of the opening ceremony at Tokyo Stadium. It’s guaranteed to be a spectacular start. Who knows what magic this technologically advanced nation has up its sleeve?

Remember the earlier you book, the easier it is going to be to book cheap flights to Japan.

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What to Expect

World-class rugby is on the cards for sure, but there’s more to Japan than watching grown men running after an oval-shaped ball.

September in Japan

The event takes place during the first month of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Mild days will have replaced the searing summer heat. There won’t be any of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms around, but you will be party to dramatic autumnal reds and oranges against a cloudless sky, in fields of cosmos and red spider lilies.

In between games there’s plenty on the go. You can chug back a few cold ones at Tokyo’s annual Oktoberfest or join in the month-long celebration of Halloween with Universal Studio Japan. It’s still warm enough to lounge on the beaches at Okinawa or surf, swim and snorkel to your heart’s content.

You can also join in some lasting (and a little weird) Japanese traditions such as celebrating the Harvest Moon while standing on a hilltop drinking tea, over-eating and reading. It is believed the mind is more receptive during autumn!

The excitement is already starting to brew for the Rugby World Cup 2019 and you can be assured that Japan will be going all out to show the world that it can party with the best.

Getting Around

The citizens of Japan are very law-abiding and polite. Wherever you go, you will be welcomed with smiling modesty and utmost courtesy. Things run like clockwork in this organized society. Public transport is good, and you can get around as fast as a speeding bullet on the city trains.

Buses run on time, the airports are modern and organised and you can rent a bicycle if you want to immerse yourself a little more in the ambience of the bustling cities.



Traditional food in Japan is extremely healthful. Most dishes are based on fresh, crisp vegetables, miso soup, rice and seafood. Sushi-lovers will be in 7th heaven. Incidentally, Japan is right up there with France when it comes to Michelin-Star restaurants.

You’ll also find all your familiar Western favourites. While we can’t guarantee any biltong and boerewors, your hosts will try to accommodate your food preferences as far as possible.

If you enjoy a beer after the game, you won’t be disappointed with any of Japan’s artisan brews which seem tailor-made to pair with their food. Imported beers are available at a price but try the cheaper local tipples first. You’ll probably develop a taste for sake anyway. Soft drinks, coffee and other popular beverages are freely available.

The currency in Japan is the Yen, which trades at about 8 to 1 to the Rand. You can check the latest exchange rate here.

Plan Your Trip

The Rugby World Cup 2019 takes place from 20 September to 2 November. If you want to cheer your favourite team on in person, you can check the fixtures here. Chofu Airport is the main port of call when you fly into Japan.

Most major airlines offer flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town, including SAA and British Airways. You’ll find the best cheap flights to Chofu right here.

See you at the Rugby World Cup 2019!