Low cost airlines have made it possible for people with tight budgets to afford flight journeys. There are many low cost carriers that make it possible for South African passengers to travel within and beyond South Africa. Mango Airlines is South Africa’s popular low cost airlines preferred by travellers looking for an affordable way to travel around the country.

What Makes Mango Airways as preferable choice of South African passengers?

Low cost flight tickets
Mango Airlines SOC Ltd is a low-cost carrier, founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of South African Airways. Its major base is OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg.

Well maintained fleet of aircrafts

Mango Airlines has a uniform fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Each plane seats186 Guests. All aircrafts are serviced and maintained by SAA Technical to assure that they are safe and reliable for journeys. It has also been among the most consistent airlines in South Africa.

GConnect In-Flight Wi Fi

Guests can easily check their social networking profiles, emails or browse the web using G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi is available on most Mango flights. However, the service is currently available on six of Mango’s fleet of 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Due to rotation of aircraft across the network, availability of Wi-Fi on any particular flight is not guaranteed by the airlines.

Book flight tickets online and multiple payment options

It is easy and quick to make Mango Airlines Bookings online. One can easily go through flight ticket booking websites to book for their flight tickets. They can also pay for booking flight tickets by choosing from several payment options such as Visa, Master, Diners Club, American Express etc.

Mango Airlines specials and discounts

Mango is among the popular low cost carriers that bring lucrative discounts and specials to make it possible for people with tight budget to afford flight journeys. Some of the popular Mango specials are R1 fare, daily lunchtime Happy Hour session etc.

It is advisable to book for flight tickets through online portals to book cheap Mango flights. These online portals show latest Mango Airlines prices and offers, so you can make better choice for affordable flight journeys.