Staying in the Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel’s Royal Suite, with the five-star hotel’s location in Platinum Mile, Sea Point in Cape Town, South Africa, is a palatial affair, particularly fit for the romantically inclined.

The room is situated on the eighth floor, and offers two bedrooms, two balconies, three bathrooms, a private boardroom, and a living room area. It’s a full 180 square metres of decadence, which makes it as large, if not larger, than many uber plush apartments in the London area. And yet, the Royal Suite is equally as plush.

Together with the height of the eighth floor, and the two balconies, the surrounding views, as no doubt you’d imagine, are pretty darn spectacular. From here, you can enjoy your Sundowner cocktails, whilst taking in Cape Town’s most gorgeous sunsets and witnessing the waves crashing just 50 metres distant on the sands along the ocean promenade.

The room is particularly inviting and luxurious, in addition to being huge. So much so, that it’s tempting to order room service and dine in the confines of your boudoir, at least the one time during your stay.

Crispy and Delicious food:

Try the hotel’s crispy battered kingklip, served together with deliciously creamy mussels, new potatoes, sautéed spinach, and shrimps. This will do extremely well to quench any hunger pangs that may have otherwise been drummed up through an exuberant night out on the town.

Once the highly spirited night out has come to a gracious end, enjoy a comfy night’s sleep on the king-sized bed, together with its crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets and over-sized head-cradling pillows.

If you’re capable of getting up for breakfast, head down to the La Mer Restaurant & Grill, which no doubt you’ll be impressed by. At La Mer, you’ll be greeted with both hot and cold buffet selections in addition to a number of a la carte options. No doubt you’ll wish to sample far more than you can stomach, but do opt for the fresh oysters. These are so tasty that inevitably you’ll be left with a large mound of empty shells once you’ve had your fill.

Next up, check out the Eggs Benedict. The eggs are cooked to perfection, sunny side up, of course, the English muffins are light and fluffy, the bacon extra crispy, and the Hollandaise sauce is served in extra-generous amounts and works so well to compliment the dish perfectly. Altogether, a lusciously rich concoction that is nothing less than terrifically satisfying.

The hotel offers what to most would be unrivalled access to the waterfront and a large variety of nightlife facilities. After all, you’ll find a number of the city’s best restaurants, pubs, and shops in this cosmopolitan part of Sea Point.

The famous Victoria and Albert Waterfront area is also close by, where you can book a guided cruise out over the inviting ocean, or take in one or more of the several museums, in addition to the highly acclaimed sea aquarium – Two Oceans Aquarium.

All-in-all, a terrific way to spend a romantic getaway in the Western Cape of South Africa.