Do you know about your aircraft?

Hundreds of people board flights every day reaching their desired destinations but how many people are aware of the type of aircraft they’re flying in or what it’s capabilities are?

If you’re on a Mango flight, you’re flying in a reliable and favoured ‘Boeing 737-800’ aircraft.

Boeing’s ‘Next-Generation 737 family’ is made up of 737-600,-700,-800 and -900ER models. Recognised for its reliability in commercial jetliner transportation, ‘The Next-Generation Family’ succeeded in winning orders in excess of 6,300 aircraft while the collective 737 family achieved 10,700 orders. With unmatched popularity in a single year, the 737 broke the record for orders out of all Boeings aircraft.

The ‘Boeing 737-800’ (2–class with winglets) has a maximum range of 3,115 nautical miles (5,765km) and its normal cruise speed at 35,000 feet is 0.785 Mach. The aircraft’s maximum fuel capacity is 26,020 L with a maximum take-off weight of 79,010kgs. The wing span with winglets is 35.8m with its tail height at 12.5m and overall length of 39.5m.

Mango’s ‘Boeing 737-800’ fleet is maintained and serviced by SAA Technical. This new generation, fuel efficient fleet of aircraft each carry 186 passengers and have maintained timeously, for the last six years, its arrivals and departures further benefiting passengers on tight schedules. Mango have gone a step further ensuring passenger comfort with new enhanced seating allowing passengers additional legroom of between 6 and 7.5cm, dependent on where you’re seated. The new light-weight seating programme will save in excess of 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions on an annual basis due to burning less fuel which gives Mango the advantage of lowering is cost base and maintaining fare affordability for its passengers.

Mango’s ‘Boeing 737-800’s’ have three seats on either side of the centre aisle, convenient for passengers needing to book and pay for two adjacent seats for total comfort. Passengers wishing to sit in a particular seat may pre-book but will incur an added fee. Passengers that require assistance or those travelling with infants or children under 16 years will not be seated in emergency exit rows and Mango does not make provision for unaccompanied minors.

Purchasing two new ‘Boeing 737-800’ aircraft has enabled Mango to increase flights between Johannesburg and Durban, Durban and Cape Town and Cape Town and Johannesburg with an additional 30 weekly flights. To further improve flights from Durban, Mango plans to roll out later this year, a base in Durban where Mango aircraft may be permanently stationed.