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Mango Airlines Passenger Information

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Most of us take flying for granted but what about those of us that have different needs when flying. Elderly passengers, disabled passengers, pregnant passengers and children all need assistance of some sort when flying Mango Airlines flights. It is for this reason we have compiled all the necessary information you will need to fly with Mango Airlines.

Mango Airlines Passenger Information

Elderly Passengers

Mango requests that all elderly passengers check in early as they endeavour to provide priority boarding to these passengers. For the benefit of all passengers on board the aircraft.  Elderly passengers will not be seated in emergency rows if they are: Older than 72 years or In poor physical health

Do you need assistance?

Mango considers elderly passengers medical cases if they cannot walk and attend to their own needs. Passengers who can only walk short distances are required to be pre-seated near a toilet.

For further information regarding special requests and medical bookings contact Mango on 086 10 10 214, alternatively download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

Larger Passengers

Some passengers may not fit comfortably in the standard Mango seat width of 40 cm. These passengers  may need to occupy an additional seat where an additional seat will be charged for at normal rates.

Extension seat belts to ensure the safety of these Guests are available upon request. For safety reasons these passengers may not be seated at emergency rows/seats on Mango flights.

Pregnant Passengers

It is advised that all expectant mothers carry emergency contact details relating to their pregnancy, and a copy of your prenatal chart if you are in your second or third trimester.

If you have suffered or are suffering from any medical complications, Mango requests that you contact their Medical Reservations Department on 086 10 10 214 to make a special request. Alternatively, download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

To ensure the safety of expectant mothers on board their aircraft, Mango Airlines is unable to accept Guests more than 35 weeks pregnant. Pregnant passengers may not be seated at emergency rows/seats on Mango flights.

5 TOP TIPS to ensure that your flight is as pleasant and comfortable as possible:

  • Place the seat belt below your belly for maximum comfort
  • Ask to be seated in an aisle seat for easy access to the bathroom facilities
  • To help with circulation it is recommended to walk around the cabin hourly
  • Stretch and flex your feet and legs in your seat every half an hour or simply stand for  while
  • Remain hydrated with plenty of fluids

Young Passengers
On Mango Airlines an infant is considered to be a passenger older than 7 days who has not yet reached his/her second birthday. Infants younger than 7 days may not be carried on board Mango flights. Mango does request to see the infant’s birth certificate at check-in so please bear this in mind.

Children aged 2 to 12 must be accompanied by an individual 16 years of age or older.

A young passenger is a child between the age of 12 and under 16 years of age. These Guests may travel alone, but they cannot stand in as an adult companion for another child older than 2 years, but who has not yet reached the age of 12. They may not be seated in emergency rows/seats.

Is there a fee for my child?

There is a small fee for infants to travel with Mango Airlines, but this is not an entire adult fare. Mango charges the following amount for an infant—child under 2 years of age—to travel on board our aircraft:

A fixed fare of R117.54 plus 14% vat effective 21 May 2012 and R16 Civil Aviation Aircraft Passenger Safety Charge per flight totalling R 150.00.

Policies and Procedures For Young Passengers

An infant is permitted to sit on an adult’s lap on board Mango aircraft provided that they are older than 7 days and younger than 24 months. Infant twins must be accompanied by two adults. A maximum of 2 infants per seat row are allowed, i.e., row of six (6) seats. Only one infant per passengeris allowed.

Passengers with infants seated immediately behind a bulkhead must use the infant restraint belt. An infant may also travel in the arms or on the lap of an adult passenger.

Parents may bring on board an approved child safety seat, similar to that used in a car, but this seat will form part of your on-board baggage allowance.

If a child turns 2 years of age during their trip, a one-way booking must be made for the return flight as the child is no longer classified as an infant and must occupy a seat.

Contact the medical bookings division on 086 10 10 214 to request that Mango make their special infant restraints available to you. Alternatively, download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

Unaccompanied Minors

Mango is unable to cater for the carriage of any unaccompanied minors.

It is a child older than 2 years, but who has not yet reached the age of 12 years, travelling without the supervision of an adult (16 years or older). They must be accompanied by an adult passenger. A maximum of 5 minors accompanying adult passenger is allowed on board Mango flights.
Disabled Passengers
Mango Airlines defines disabled passengers as those who have permanent but stable physical disabilities; i.e., paralysis of all or part of the body, mentally challenged, multiple sclerosis, hearing or vision impaired. Disabled passengers do not require medical clearance from a doctor to travel with Mango. They do, however, need to submit the Mango Medical Request Form to indicate what their condition or disability is when booking to travel on Mango.