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Mango Airlines are well-known in South Africa as a provider of flights, holidays and car rentals. Recently they added Mango Airlines Online Check-In. The brand has earned its place as national icon as much for its trendy orange aircraft’s as its commitment to innovation. In 2011, the iconic Mango Airlines was crowned South Africa’s “coolest” low cost airline, courtesy of the prestigious Generation Next awards.


This relatively new budget airline offering cheap mango flights, established in 2006, recently extended its efforts to provide customers with top rate services by launching an online check in service.

How many times have you and your family experienced the acute panic of getting caught in traffic on the way to catch an important flight? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to avoid that added tension from your trips.

Mango Airlines Online Check In aims to remove some of the stress and the hassle from air travel by dramatically restructuring the check in process. Ordinarily, airports require you to check in forty minutes before boarding. Passengers who fail to do this may find that their seats have been sold and their flight itinerary cancelled. With Mango Airlines Online Check In, you can print your boarding pass up to twenty-four to thirty hours in advance, confirming to the airline that you will be making the flight.

Whether you’re late to the airport or not, choosing to use online check in comes with a number of advantages. For most people, the main advantage is being able to bypass the extraordinarily long queues at the check-in counters and kiosks. This is particularly useful for travellers with small children who may become irritable during this process. It also means that if you’re running late, you don’t have to factor the time spend waiting in line into your schedule.

Another advantage of using Mango Airlines Online Check In is the ability to choose seats. Can’t stand the idea of being sandwiched in the middle of a row or between two children you don’t know? People who check in online are given the best and most flexible options when it comes to seating arrangements, especially when it comes to ‘first come, first serve’ airlines.


To Check-In Online With Mango Airlines Click HERE

This exciting and fairly new service is just another way that Mango Airlines is making travelling a breeze for its valued customers. Next time you’re travelling by air, bypass the lines and check in online for an effortless and stress-free experience. Once you’ve tried Mango Airlines Online Check In, you’ll never go back to the old fashioned way again!